ICMS@Strathclyde: Solvers for frequency-domain wave problems and applications

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ICMS@Strathclyde: Solvers for frequency-domain wave problems and applications

 20 - 24 Jun 2022

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


  • Victorita Dolean, University of Strathclyde and Université Côte d’Azur
  • Silvia Gazzola, University of Bath
  • Ivan Graham, University of Bath
  • Euan Spence, University of Bath


This workshop brought together researchers working on wave problems, specifically:

  • New discretization methods for frequency-domain wave problems and their analysis.
  • Fast solvers for linear systems arising from frequency-domain wave problems (formulation, implementation, and analysis).
  • Applications of the fast solvers (including to inverse problems, geophysical imaging, and electromagnetics).


Monday 20 June
Ivan Graham, University of Bath Morning Chair
Martin J. Gander, University of Geneva Schwarz methods by domain truncation
Frédéric Nataf, Laboratoire J.L. Lions, Sorbonne Université A Unified View of Sweeping Algorithms for Helmholtz
Ivan Graham, University of Bath Convergence of the Restricted Additive Schwarz method with impedance boundary conditions for the Helmholtz equation.
Axel Modave, CNRS - ENSTA Paris A non-overlapping DDM with PML transmission conditions and checkerboard partitions for Helmholtz problems
Victorita Dolean, University of Strathclyde Afternoon Chair
Pierre Jolivet, CNRS Spectral coarse grids for overlapping Schwarz methods in PETSc
Eike Mueller, University of Bath Multigrid for climate- and weather prediction
Jemma Shipton, University of Exeter Towards parallel time stepping schemes for compatible finite element discretisations of the shallow water equations
Pierre-Henri Tournier, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions Optimized Schwarz preconditioners for finite difference and finite element acoustic simulations
Drinks Reception/Posters
Tuesday 21 June
Martin J. Gander, University of Geneva Morning Chair
Adrianna Gillman, University of Colorado Boulder A robust discretization technique for three dimensional Helmholtz problems
Alexander Heinlein, Delft University of Technology A fully algebraic spectral coarse space for overlapping Schwarz methods
Leonardo Zepeda-Núñez, Google Research High-frequency limit of the inverse scattering problem: asymptotic convergence from inverse Helmholtz to inverse Liouville.
Nicole Spillane, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique AWG, an algebraic solver for symmetric positive definite problems
Zhiming Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences Efficient solvers for high-order explicit and implicit time finite element methods for the wave equation with discontinuous coefficients
Christophe Geuzaine, Université de Liège Afternoon Chair
Cornelis Vuik, Delft University of Technology Scalable solvers for the Helmholtz probem
Lehel Banjai, Heriot-Watt University Fractional wave equation in time and frequency-domain
Omar Laghrouche & Nawfel Benatia, Heriot-Watt University & Cadi Ayyad University Marrakesh Frequency domain Bernstein-Bézier finite element solver for modelling short waves - Applications to elastic and Maxwell wave simulations
Jet Hoe Tang, ISTerre, Université Grenoble Alpes Fully Scalable Solver for Frequency-Domain Visco-Elastic Wave Equations in 3D Heterogeneous Media
Workshop Dinner, The Citizen
Wednesday 22 June
Cornelis Vuik, Delft University of Technology Morning Chair
Tristan van Leeuwen, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Large-scale inverse problems with time-harmonic waves
Hossein Aghamiry, Geoazur- University of Cote d'azur LocalizedWavefield Inversion (LWI): an Adaptation of Multi-Block ADMM for Localized FWI
Shaunagh Downing, University of Bath Optimising Seismic Imaging via Bilevel Learning
Romina Gaburro, University of Limerick Stability and reconstruction in inverse problems.
Optional Excursion to Loch Lomond
Thursday 23 June
Frederic Nataf, Laboratoire J.L. Lions, Sorbonne Université Morning Chair
Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard, University of Arizona Three types of quasi-Trefftz functions for the 3D convected Helmholtz equation
Andrea Moiola, University of Pavia Stable approximation of Helmholtz solutions by evanescent plane waves
Barbara Verfürth, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Multiscale method for the nonlinear Helmholtz equation
Théophile Chaumont-Frelet, Inria Controllability methods: solving time-harmonic problems iteratively using time-domain solvers
Xavier Claeys, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Sorbonne Université Non-local exchange operator for Optimized Schwarz Methods in general non-overlapping subdomain partitions
Andrea Moiola, University of Pavia Afternoon Chair
Marcella Bonazzoli, Inria, Institut Polytechnique de Paris Domain decomposition preconditioners for non-self-adjoint or non-positive-definite problems
David Hewett, University College London Accelerated Calderón preconditioning for Maxwell transmission problems
Alexandre Kyriakis, University of Strathclyde Schwarz algorithms for time-harmonic wave problems
Hussam Al Daas, STFC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Spectral multilevel algebraic domain decomposition preconditioners
Workshop Dinner, The Corinthian Club
Friday 24 June
Pierre Jolivet, CNRS Morning Chair
Andrew Gibbs, University College London Fully frequency-independent Hybrid Numerical Asymptotic Boundary Element Methods
Niall Bootland, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory GenEO for frequency-domain wave problems
Jennifer Pestana, University of Strathclyde Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Multilevel Toeplitz Matrices
Victorita Dolean, University of Strathclyde Two-level DDM preconditioners for Low Frequency Maxwell equations
End of Workshop