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Closing Date: 1 Dec 2024

Mathematics for Humanity

New for 2024: Mathematics for Humanity--Activities Worldwide

New for 2024: Knowledge Exchange for Humanity--Collaboration between Academia and External Partners with a Commitment to Human Welfare

Launched in 2023 this new programme of activities in the mathematical sciences is devoted to education, research and scholarly exchange with the potential for direct relevance to the betterment of humanity.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal you should contact the Centre Manager in the first instance.

"I am pleased that the first call which closed in June 2023 resulted in many interesting applications. The Scientific Committee approved funding for 13 proposals, and further details will be available on each event webpage." - Minhyong Kim, ICMS Director

ICMS invites proposals for activities that revolve around three inter-related themes:

A. Integrating the global research community (GRC)

B. Mathematical challenges for humanity (MCH)

C. Global history of mathematics (GHM)

Development of the three themes will facilitate the engagement of the international mathematical community with the challenges of accessible education, knowledge-driven activism, and transformative scholarship.

In this first year, ICMS is not being overly prescriptive. Within each of the three themes, researchers can apply for funding of one or more of the activities in the list below. For theme A in particular we consider that a coherent plan of multiple activities over an extended period would be of the most benefit. Anyone interested in putting forward a proposal – even if for an activity not currently in this list but that would meet the objectives of a particular theme – is encouraged to discuss their ideas with either ICMS Director Minhyong Kim or Deputy Director Beatrice Pelloni.

1. Research-in-groups. This is a proposal for a small group of three to six researchers to spend from two weeks to three months in Edinburgh on a reasonably well-defined research project. The membership of the group should be strongly aligned to the goals of Mathematics for Humanity. The researchers will be provided working space and funds for accommodation and subsistence.

2. Research course or seminar. A group of researchers can propose a course or a seminar on topics relevant to one of the three themes. These should be planned as hybrid events with regular meetings in Edinburgh that can also be accessed online. Proposals should come with a detailed plan for attracting interest and for the dissemination of ideas.

3. Research workshops. These are five-day workshops in the standard ICMS format, of course with a focus on one of the three themes.

4. Research school. These are hybrid schools of two weeks length. These should come with substantial planning, a coherent structure, and be aimed towards post-graduate students and early career researchers.

Submission Guidelines

Previously Funded Proposals

Scientific Committee

The programme is overseen by a specialised Scientific Committee (a sub-committee of the ICMS Programme Committee) who will be responsible for the assessment of all submissions and will support the Director in the selection of proposals.

John Baez University of California, Riverside
Karine Chemla CNRS, Paris

Sophie Dabo Univeristy of Lille
Nalini Joshi University of Sydney

Reviel Netz Stanford University
Bao Chau Ngo University of Chicago and VIASM
Raman Parimala Emory University
Fernando Rodriguez Villegas International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Emily Shuckburgh University of Cambridge
Terence Tao University of California, Los Angeles

Support Mathematics for Humanity

The Mathematics for Humanity Project of the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences supports the effort by mathematical scientists to work for the betterment of humanity. It accepts a wide range of proposals with concentration on three themes.

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Our Partners

ICMS is primarily supported by EPSRC, the University of Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt University.

UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council    University of Edinburgh     Heriot Watt University

Mathematics for Humanity is in the process of building up a network of partners from around the world as follows:

  Centre for Advanced Mathematical Sciences, Beirut 










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