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Knowledge Exchange at ICMS

Through our funding opportunities and Knowledge Exchange (KE) initiatives, ICMS supports and promotes interactions that maximise the impact of the mathematical sciences. Our current activities are listed below, and we are flexible in the support we can offer.

Our aim is to support the community, so we are keen to engage with anyone interested in KE. If you would like to organise a KE event, discuss ideas or shape future activities, please get in touch with our Knowledge Exchange Manager Lauren Hyndman.


KE funding opportunities

KE Catalyst 

A secondment scheme to support direct collaboration between academics and external partners.
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KE event fund 

Funding for events that bring together diverse groups of people to enhance research, develop and strengthen collaborations, share best practice and more.
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KE follow-on fund 

Funding for activities carried out after KE events to maximise impact.
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ICMS also offers funding to support Research-in-groups and Strategic workshops. If you are interested in organising these activities in a KE capacity, please contact our Knowledge Exchange Manager Lauren Hyndman.


KE initiatives

UK Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences (KE Hub)

ICMS is delighted to play a role in the new KE Hub which was launched in 2023. The KE Hub exists to promote, facilitate and support knowledge exchange activities between academia and business, industry and government.

ICMS is pleased to support two KE Hub Super Champions and will soon be involved in organising triage workshops with external partners.

Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS)

Since April 2020, ICMS has worked in partnership with Innovate UK KTN, Isaac Newton Institute, Newton Gateway to Mathematics and various representatives from the mathematical sciences community to develop V-KEMS. The main aim of this forum is to facilitate virtual activities that can be used to help address challenges from outside academia. V-KEMS was awarded KE Team of the Year at the PraxisAuril KE Awards in 2021.

ICMS is pleased to support the Maths for Justice Virtual Study Group taking place in November.

Study Groups with Industry

Study Groups with Industry are a vital mechanism for mathematical scientists and industry representatives to meet and work collaboratively towards practical solutions in multi-day workshops. The ICMS KE event fund can support this type of activity, and the ICMS KE follow-on fund can support activities that maximise the impact of the study group, such as follow up meetings and report writing.

The European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI) started in Oxford in 1968 and now there are 5-7 meetings held annually all across Europe, with the UK hosting one every year. ICMS was pleased to sponsor an industry challenge at ESGI 167 hosted by the University of Kent in July 2022, and ICMS co-hosted ESGI 171 with the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences in July 2023. The next UK ESGI will be hosted by the University of Birmingham in July 2024.

Modelling Camps

The main audience for modelling camps are postgraduate research students and early career mathematical scientists. These events offer broad skills training and an opportunity to learn how different branches of the mathematical sciences can be applied in various industrial settings. Real challenges posed by industry partners are used to develop ideas within groups, and each group delivers a presentation at the end of the camp. This provides good preparation for attending a Study Group with Industry.

ICMS runs an annual modelling camp in collaboration with MAC-MIGS.