Arithmetic, Algebra, and Algorithms

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Arithmetic, Algebra, and Algorithms

 10 - 14 Apr 2023

ICMS, The Bayes Centre, Edinburgh


Scientific Organisers:

  • Alex Bartel, University of Glasgow
  • John Voight, Dartmouth College


Celebrating the Mathematics of Hendrik Lenstra

This workshop brought together leading, as well as early career, researchers on arithmetic statistics and on algorithmic aspects of algebra and number theory, with the aim of fostering collaborations within and between these communities, and offered early career researchers the opportunity to get a broad overview of the most recent achievements and of the most pressing problems in these fields. The workshop also celebrated the mathematics of Hendrik W Lenstra Jr.



All times are British Summer Time (BST)

Monday 10 April
Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and Housekeeping Alex Bartel and Simon Kershaw
Bjorn Poonen, MIT Integral points on curves via Baker's method and finite étale covers
Lunch Break Lunch served at ICMS
Melanie Matchett Wood, Harvard University Conjectures for distributions of class groups when there are roots of unity in the base field
Carl Pomerance, Dartmouth College Digits
Welcome Reception hosted at ICMS
Tuesday 11 April
Drew Sutherland, MIT A database of modular curves
Eva Bayer, EPFL Isometries of lattices and automorphisms of K3 surfaces.
Lunch Break Lunch served at ICMS
Rene Schoof, Tor Vergata Greenberg’s $\lambda=0$ conjecture
Ashvin Swaminathan, Harvard University Affine symmetric spaces and class groups of cubic fields
Lightning Talks 1 Erik Holmes (University of Calgary), Aaron Landesman (MIT), Sebastian Monnet (LSGNT) and Sameera Vemulapalli (Princeton University)
Wednesday 12 April
Lillian Pierce, Duke University A polynomial sieve: beyond separation of variables
Adam Morgan, Univ. of Glasgow Hasse principle for Kummer varieties in the case of generic 2-torsion
Rachel Newton, King's College London Statistics of the Hasse norm principle
Lunch Break Lunch served at ICMS
Free afternoon for participants
Thursday 13 April
Arul Shankar, University of Toronto Polynomials corresponding to maximal rings and the Bertini theorem for P^1(Z)
Kiran Kedlaya, University of California San Diego Angle ranks of abelian varieties
Lunch Break Lunch served at ICMS
Wei Ho, IAS / Princeton / Michigan Selmer averages in families of elliptic curves and applications
Francois Morain, Ecole Polytechnique Factoring with oracles
Lightning Talks 2 Sarah Arpin (Universiteit Leiden), Jef Laga (Princeton University), Ross Paterson (University of Bristol), Caleb Springer (UCL)
Workshop Dinner Playfair Hall, Surgeon's Quarter
Friday 14 April
Kirsten Eisentraeger, Penn State University Classical and quantum algorithms for problems from number theory
Samir Siksek, University of Warwick S-unit equations and curves with few primes over cyclotomic Z_l extensions
Lunch Break Packed lunch available for participants to take away
Workshop Ends

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