Fractal Geometry

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Fractal Geometry

 03 - 07 Jul 2023

ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers

  • Jonathan Fraser, University of St Andrews
  • Xiong Jin, University of Manchester
  • Tom Kempton, University of Manchester


Fractal geometry is a vibrant and important area of mathematics. Roughly speaking, fractals are objects which display complex features on a large range of scales, such as stock market fluctuations, the surface of a lung, or the distribution of stars in the galaxy.

This workshop will bring together researchers with common interests in fractals and related areas such as ergodic theory, geometric measure theory, and analysis.  The aim of the workshop is to stimulate collaboration and research activity between the various groups in the UK, encourage and support the work of early career researchers in this area, and provide a platform for dissemination of work in fractal geometry.

It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kenneth Falconer and acknowledge his many deep contributions to Fractal Geometry.

Details regarding participation will appear here in due course.