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Mathematics for Humanity activities worldwide

Closing Date: 1 Jun 2024

New for 2024 - Mathematics for Humanity Activities Worldwide

Global Workshops for Humanity

We are pleased to announce that the ICMS is now able to fund international activities as part of its Mathematics for Humanity programme. This has been made possible by a generous donation from Alex Gerko, Founder of XTX Markets.

Applicants are invited to submit proposals belonging to one of the three themes for a satellite event at any location in the world that is optimal for impact, accessibility, and sustainability. As part of this effort, we expect to be able to fund up to ten  global workshops for humanity with a maximum budget of 35,000 GBP each.  The usual guidelines and application forms  can be used for this programme. However, in addition to the scientific case, organisational outline, and a strong argument for benefit to humanity, the proposers should provide evidence that:

  1. The location serves well the goals of impact, accessibility, and sustainability;
  2. The chosen venue is well-equipped for event delivery;
  3. There is an efficient and reliable system for transfer and administration of funds from the UK.    

Regarding 3, we recommend very strongly that the plans be supported by a local university or institute with international standing, which should be specified on the application. As examples, the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics has expressed a willingness to be hosts and provide help with local administration of the funds from the ICMS for events with a focus on Southeast Asia, whilst the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences has agreed to host events centred in Africa. Other institutions wiling to collaborate include the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute. Please write to the director Minhyong Kim for queries.