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Funded Proposals

Rewilding Mathematics
Seminar series and subsequent workshop
Lead organiser: Michael Singer, University College London

New Mathematics and Software for Agent-based Models
Lead organiser: John Baez, UC Riverside

Exploring Scaling of Mass Extinction Events for Climate Tipping-point Modelling
Lead organiser: Ivan Sudakow, Open University

Coupling Mathematical Modelling and Computer Modelling Approaches to Support Flood Inundation Prediction: A Case Study of Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam
Lead organiser: Nguyen-Ngoc Doanh, Center of Excellence, Advanced Computational Research on Sustainability Science, Hanoi

Mathematics of Voting and Representation
Lead organiser: Ismar Volic,  Wellesley College

Compositional Game Theory
Lead organiser: Jules Hedges, University of Strathclyde

Supporting the Development of Mathematical Resilience Globally
ICMS@ Warwick workshop
Lead organiser: Sue Johnston-Wilder, University of Warwick

Mathematical Modelling for 21st Century Decisions
Lead organiser: Erica Thompson,  University College London

A Global History of Eclipse Reckoning
Lead organiser: Deborah Kent, University of St Andrews

China – India – UK School in Mathematical Physics
Two-week school
Lead organiser: Sameer Murthy, Kings College London

Current Research on the History of Mathematics in the Ancient World: New Questions and New Approaches
Two-week summer school
Lead organiser: Karine Chemla, CNRS

Algebra and Geometry from Africa
Two-week school
Lead organiser: Gregory Sankaran, University of Bath

Maths for Justice
Virtual study group
Lead organiser: Chris Budd, University of Bath