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Support Mathematics for Humanity

The Mathematics for Humanity Project of the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences supports the effort by mathematical scientists to work for the betterment of humanity. It accepts a wide range of proposals with concentration on three themes.

  1. Levelling the global research capacity: We support mathematical collaboration between leading centre of mathematical research and developing regions. This can involve research collaboration or delivery of high-quality hybrid courses and seminars to young mathematicians from developing countries.
  2. Research projects and workshops on challenges facing humanity to which mathematics stands a good chance of making a direct contribution.
  3. Researching, writing, and popularising an accurate global history of mathematics in such a way that its status as a human heritage in which everyone can take part becomes apparent to scholars, teachers, and students.

We enable people to gather in one place to carry out all these activities, thereby sharing ideas and vision. These activities exist in some scattered form in many places. However, we are quite likely the first to bring them all together into a coherent programme combining social concerns with serious scholarship.

The activities of the ICMS are supported primarily by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of the United Kingdom. However, the policies of the EPSRC do not allow us to cover the full cost of most events. Donations to cover the shortfall or to hold special focussed events are very welcome. We are also seeking donations that will ensure the long term sustainability of this project in the case that the government funding were to be decreased or discontinued.

To discuss possibilities, please contact the director Minhyong Kim - or the deputy director Beatrice Pelloni -