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Knowledge Exchange for Humanity

Closing Date: 1 Jun 2024

Knowledge Exchange for Humanity

Collaboration between academia and external partners with a commitment to human welfare

Knowledge exchange (KE) is the two-way sharing of knowledge and expertise to advance research and maximise impact. The ICMS is pleased to announce a new ‘KE for Humanity’ funding stream within the Mathematics for Humanity programme to provide support for KE activities that endeavour to contribute to the betterment of humanity.

KE for Humanity activities should:

  • Bring together diverse groups of people, including academic mathematical scientists and external partners from business, industry, government and the third sector
  • Encourage substantial involvement from external partners
  • Develop and strengthen collaborations
  • Have clear alignment with one or more of the three Mathematics for Humanity themes

Activities can take a wide range of formats, and can be held in Edinburgh, elsewhere in the UK (ICMS@), at a global location (ICMS Worldwide) or online. The ICMS is flexible in the types of knowledge exchange activities it can support, including but not limited to study groups, workshops that aim to form communities and partnerships or share best practice, and research in groups.

It is expected that external partners will have a commitment to social good and human welfare. The list below provides examples of the types of application areas the ICMS wishes to support through the KE for Humanity funding stream:

In addition, researchers from areas of the mathematical sciences not typically associated with public good are encouraged to apply their knowledge in new directions consistent with this programme. For example, KE activities in actuarial science are often associated with insurance companies, but the expertise involved in risk mitigation could be applied to a broader range of challenges of social significance, such as climate change, healthcare, or pensions.

If you are interested in applying, please contact our Knowledge Exchange Manager Lauren Hyndman, or our Director Minhyong Kim.

If you are an external partner who wishes to support this funding stream, please contact our Director Minhyong Kim.

Click here for the submission guidelines and application form.