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Closing Date: Open

What is this scheme?

The event fund is designed to support activities that aim to maximise the impact of the mathematical sciences by bringing together diverse groups of people. This includes representatives from business, industry, government and the third sector, as well as researchers from different academic disciplines.

This scheme is ideal for running study groups, developing and strengthening collaborations, advancing research, forming communities and partnerships, sharing best practice, and more! Each ICMS event is bespoke and can be tailored to suit the unique needs of the organiser.

The ICMS can support a range of formats including in person, ICMS@ and virtual. As well as in person events at ICMS, support can be provided for ICMS@ events that are hosted at another venue in the UK. The ICMS has experience in using a range of online tools to host virtual events.

Who should apply?

At least one of the applicants should be eligible to hold an EPSRC grant.

What can the ICMS provide?

The ICMS can provide funding for accommodation, catering and modest contributions to travel expenses (where possible, delegates are asked to seek cover for travel expenses from their home institution). Our staff can make all the local arrangements, facilitate the delivery of the event and provide support to the scientific organisers to ensure the event is tailored to meet their needs.

What are the expectations?

Successful applicants are expected to submit a report within two months of the event taking place.

This scheme is currently accepting applications. If you are interested in applying, please contact our Knowledge Exchange Manager Lauren Hyndman to discuss your proposal.


Submission guidelines

Please submit your proposal using this form

Applications should include a two-page proposal that contains the following information:

  • Title of proposed activity
  • Names and institutions of organisers
  • Details on how the experience of the organisers is relevant to the topic
  • Details on the industry partners/researchers you will invite
  • The objectives, novelty and relevance of the proposed activity
  • Scientific justification for the activity, including anticipated outputs
  • Overview of meeting structure
  • Overall budget, including breakdown (this should also include any other sources of income you may have or intend to apply for)

We anticipate requests of up to £15k which typically allows for two or three day in person meetings for 30-40 participants, but this is flexible. Requests for larger sums may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like the ICMS to host your event, please contact our Knowledge Exchange Manager Lauren Hyndman to discuss potential dates before submitting your application. Please note that the ICMS does not host events in August, and a minimum lead time of one year is usually required. Requests for ICMS@ events can be granted with shorter notice.

The ICMS will acknowledge receipt of your application within two weeks of submission, and will aim to communicate a decision within six weeks.

Click here for information on the review process for KE proposals.

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