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Strategic Workshops

Closing Date: 1 Aug 2022

ICMS strategic workshops are a new initiative funded through our EPSRC grant.  Workshops provide a wonderful environment for the concentrated and focussed exchange of ideas and the creation of new communities. ICMS has the experience and facilities to help organisers deliver their vision, and this is particularly important in the development of new directions and new areas of collaborative research. Novel, high-risk interdisciplinary research.

These workshops - typically for between 3 and 5 days - for 20-50 people to help the mathematical sciences community to engage in cross-disciplinary funding opportunities and policy-driven initiatives where timing is important. These can also be used to provide a rapid response to create communities in emerging areas, particularly where this involves working across disciplines.

Please contact Jane Walker, Centre Manager, or Minhyong Kim, Director to discuss your proposal before the submission deadline.

There are four calls each year although where necessary ICMS will consider proposals out of cycle; a short preliminary outline, one page A4, is needed to show that the idea fits the strategic workshop category.

Submission deadlines: 10th January, 1st April, 1st August, 1st November

To submit the proposal please use this form

Examples include (but not restricted to):

  •     Workshops with strong potential for industrial impact (including public sector) and Knowledge Exchange
  •     Workshops to explore new possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  •     Workshops that combine a research component with a strong focus on early career training and/or EDI initiatives.
  •     Workshops that address, or include sessions on, the role of the mathematical sciences in the Research Council special themes.
  •     Scoping sessions for Isaac Newton Institute proposals and other grant opportunities.
  •     ‘Nimble’ workshops, put on at short notice using the connections of ICMS to the community and industrial partners to respond to new needs    (governmental, industrial or academic).
  •     Workshops that create and maintain international research links for global Britain 
  •     Perspectives in Mathematics: designed to showcase mathematical progress in the context of university-led grants.
  •     Societal impact and ODA workshops, engaging with economically developing countries.
  •     Community building (e.g. the supply chain community), creating lasting connections between mathematicians and other practitioners.