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Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics 2024

 08 - 12 Jan 2024

in person at ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh


The deadline for applications has passed. All applicants will be notified of the scientific organisers' decisions by the end of November 2023.


  • Apala Majumdar, University of Strathclyde
  • Angela Mihai, Cardiff University

RWAM Mentor-Mentee scheme coordinators

  • Hannah D'Ambrosio , University of Strathclyde
  • Laura Currie , Durham University


The closing date for applications was Friday 10 November. All applicants will be notified of the decisions of the scientific organisers by the end of November 2023. Priority will be given to Early Career Researchers in the UK. No late applications will be accepted. All participants will be required to pay a 150.00 GBP workshop registration fee.

The Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics (RWAM) 2024 strategic workshop builds on the spectacular success of the pilot event RWAM 2023. The objectives of RWAM 2024 remain the same as those of RWAM 2023 - to create a sense of community amongst female applied mathematicians at all career stages, to support and mentor early career researchers, and to create a unified form for sharing information about scientific opportunities, funding, university teaching, career progression, and more generally all aspects of academic life that contribute to our professional satisfaction. 

The programme comprises research presentations and roundtable discussions where participants can interact with each other for scientific networking, community building, research collaborations and a learning platform from shared experiences.

The overarching goal is to create a UK-wide platform for female applied mathematicians that will act as a support network and a springboard for new scientific ideas and female-led research collaborations, and we hope that this platform will have a lasting legacy in the UK and ultimately further afield. 

Plenary speakers:

David Abrahams, University of Cambridge
Christina Cobbold, University of Glasgow
Lindsey Corson, Strathclyde University
Dawn Geatches, Innovate UK KTN
Angela Mihai, Cardiff University - Liquid crystal elastomers: theory and applications
Catherine Powell, University of Manchester - Parametric PDEs: The Importance of Adaptivity 
Rachael Warrington, Smith Institute - Careers in mathematics outside academia/in industry

Praise for the 2023 Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics:

"I would just like to say that this is the best academic event/conference/workshop I have ever attended and just thank you for organising it! I have come away from this event invigorated about my career "

"One of the best events I have been to as it allowed to build connections and answer questions in a relaxed environment. I particularly liked that all aspects of academia got recognition in the programme (research, knowledge exchange, teaching, applying for grants, academic careers)."

"This retreat has been very important for me from both a personal and career-development point of view. It gave me the opportunity to learn about activities that are not directly linked to the academic world but will be important for my personal development as a researcher and a member of society. Therefore, a huge thanks to the organizers for this event! "



Information on programme to follow in due course.

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