Periods in Mirror Symmetry

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Periods in Mirror Symmetry

 19 - 23 Sep 2022
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ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh


Applications to attend this workshop must be submitted no later than Friday 19 August, 3pm. We are unable to accept applications after this time.

Scientific Organisers:

  • Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University
  • Sheel Ganatra, University of Southern California
  • Hiroshi Iritani, Kyoto University
  • Tony Pantev, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nick Sheridan, University of Edinburgh


While the relationship between periods and mirror symmetry has been studied for some time, it has been receiving new inputs in recent years from diverse fields such as homological mirror symmetry, tropical geometry, string theory, and (noncommutative) topological K-theory. The workshop will bring together experts from these fields bringing complementary expertise to a topic of mutual interest, which is ripe for collaboration. The prospect of bringing Kontsevich’s powerful homological mirror symmetry conjecture to bear on the study of periods is particularly timely, in view of the rapid developments in HMS in recent years. One concrete objective motivating the workshop is to establish the connection between HMS and periods, by proving that the topological K-theory of the Fukaya category corresponds to the Gamma integral structure. The recently-developed string-theoretic understanding of the Gamma integral structure may play an important role here.

Important information
We are aware of a very convincing scam targeting participants in mathematical research events. These scammers may telephone or email you and tell you that they are organising accommodation in Glasgow for you on behalf of ICMS. If you are approached by a third party (eg Business Travel Management) asking for booking or payment details, please ignore. ICMS will never ask you for credit/debit card information.

Invited Speakers:

*to be confirmed

Bohan Fang, Peking University via Zoom
Sergey Galkin, PUC-Rio via Zoom
Vasily Golyshev*, IITP
Giulia Gugiatti, ICTP
Hiroshi Iritani, Kyoto University
Matt Kerr, Washington University in St. Louis
Minhyong Kim, ICMS
Albrecht Klemm*, Hausdorff Institut for Mathematics, University Bonn
Johanna Knapp, University of Melbourne via Zoom
Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu, Columbia University via Zoom
Mauricio Romo, Tsinghua University
Fumihiko Sanda, Gakushuin University
Bernd Siebert, The University of Texas at Austin
Johannes Walcher, Heidelberg University
Ursula Whitcher, Mathematical Reviews (AMS)
Tony Yue Yu, California Institute of Technology via Zoom