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Mathematics in Prison

30 May 2024

As part of our innovative Mathematics for Humanity programme ICMS is pleased to announce a new initative focussing on enhancing mathematics education within Scottish prisons. 

In collaboration with Fife College (the education provider for the Scottish Prison Service) the programme offers mathematicians working in Scottish universities to contribute to continuing education in Scottish prisons.  The educational provision for prisoners covers only the standard curriculum, but the uptake is significant and the prisoners embrace the opportunities to learn with enthusiasm, committment and dedication. The aim of the programme is to offer a variety of opportuntiies tailored to the needs of a particular prison population: ranging from numeracy skills for life outside prison to a series of general lectures.

Speaking as the programme was launched ICMS Director Minhyong Kim said "At the ICMS, we believe strongly believe in the vertical integration of mathematical capabilities and access to education in society at large. In particular, people with the highest levels of mathematical training should constantly endeavour to connect with the concerns of people who have less access to educational resources. We truly hope the Mathematics in Prisons programme can make at least a small contribution to the promotion of social unity and democracy in the realm of quantitative skills and education."

Full details of the programme and how to submit your expression of interest can be found on this page.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by 31 July 2024.



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