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Call for expressions of interest

As part of its Mathematics for Humanity project, The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), in collaboration with Fife College (the education provider for the Scottish Prison Service) is launching a programme for mathematicians in Scottish universities to contribute to continuing education in Scottish prisons. 

The educational provisions for prisoners cover only the standard curriculum, but the uptake is significant. In addition, the Fife College team leader responsible for the provision has spoken enthusiastically of the commitment and dedication of prisoners when they are offered educational opportunities. Such have been offered, e.g. by the University of Glasgow at HMP Barlinnie, with courses and lectures in history and philosophy. The ICMS programme would be the first one to focus on mathematical education in Scottish prisons.

We are issuing a call for expressions of interest in participating as an instructor or occasional lecturer in this programme. Full details of the programme can be read in the attached document.

Closing date for expressions of interest to be received is 31 July 2024.

Mathematics in Prison-expressions of interest.pdf Mathematics in Prison-expressions of interest.pdf