Applied matrix positivity

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Applied matrix positivity

 19 - 23 Jul 2021


  • Alexander Belton, Lancaster University
  • Emilio Porcu, Khalifa University and Trinity College, Dublin
  • Mihai Putinar, University of Newcastle and University of California, Santa Barbara

Matrix  theory  remains  an  important  chapter  of  both  pure  and  applied  mathematics. The  proposed workshop stems from several active and fast-moving research topics which share a common core, namely the positivity of matrices or linear operators.  From this vast subject, the organisers have carefully selected three subareas, aiming at intense and novel interactions between groups of scientists who have not previously communicated:  positivity transforms, quantum information and algebraic quantum theory, and spacial statistics.   In addition  a  topic  of  much  current  interest  where  positivity  techniques  may profitably be applied:  the construction of tight wavelet frames willl be explored.

This workshop aims to provide new perspectives on complementary fields, all relying on matrix-theory techniques.  The organisers will bring together participants from both theoretical and applied groups with the aim of cross-pollinating discussions on novel  questions in matrix theory arising from applications  such as the analysis of big data,  algebraic quantum theory and spatial statistics.


Details regarding the programme, format of the workshop and participation will appear here in due course.