Virtual Seminar Series - Integrable Systems

Peter Clarkson, University of Kent
Ian Strachan, University of GlasgowThis is the webpage for the Virtual Integrable Systems Seminars.

These seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 2pm (unless stated otherwise).

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The dates of the seminars and speakers are as follows:

This week's seminar

Wednesday 3 June
A.P. Veselov (Loughborough)

Geometrization, integrability and knots

Abstract: I will review the current situation with Liouville integrability in relation with Thurston’s geometrization programme, using as the main example the geodesic flows on the 3-folds with SL(2,R)-geometry. A particular case of such manifold SL(2,R)/SL(2,Z) is known (after Quillen) to be topologically equivalent to the complement of the trefoil knot in 3-sphere. I will explain that the remarkable results of Ghys about modular and Lorenz knots can be naturally extended to the integrable region, where these knots are replaced by the cable knots of trefoil. The talk is based on a joint work with Alexey Bolsinov and Yiru Ye.


Future Seminars

Wednesday 10 June
Alfredo Deano (University of Kent)

Title: TBC

Abstract: TBC


Wednesday 17 June
Marta Mazzocco (University of Birmingham)

Title: TBC

Abstract: TBC


Wednesday 24 June
Tamara Grava (University of Bristol and SISSA, Italy)

Title: TBC

Abstract: TBC


Previous Seminars

Wednesday 27 May
Rod Halburd (University College London)

Elementary calculations of complexity growth for solutions of discrete equations

20 May 2020
Antonio Moro (Northumbria University)
Integrability and complexity in  statistical mechanics: thermodynamic limit vs viscous/dispersive regularisation

13 May 2020
Paolo Rossi (University of Padova)
Givental theory for F-manifolds and non-Hamiltonian integrable PDEs

6 May 2020
Clare Dunning (University of Kent)
Wronskian Hermite polynomials

29 April 2020
Frank Nijhoff (University of Leeds)

22 April 2020
Nikita Nikolaev (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Abelianisation of Meromorphic SL(2)-Connections and the Hitchin Integrable System

01 April 2020
Peter Clarkson (University of Kent)
Generalised Freud Weights

25 March 2020
Ian Strachan (University of Glasgow)
Miura Transformations from Novikov Algebras


This seminar series is supported as part of the ICMS/INI Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.