Virtual Seminar Series - Integrable Systems

Peter Clarkson, University of Kent
Ian Strachan, University of Glasgow

This is the webpage for the Virtual Integrable Systems Seminars.

These seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 2pm (unless stated otherwise).

After the talk on 15 July, we will take a break through the end of July and August, and our plan is to continue with talks from September through to December.

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The dates of the seminars and speakers are as follows:


Future Seminars

Wednesday 15 July
Thomas Bothner (KCL)

Title: A threefold way to integrable probabilistic models

Abstract: This talk is intended for a broad math and physics audience in particular including students. It will focus on the speaker’s recent contributions to the analysis of the real Ginibre ensemble consisting of square real matrices whose entries are i.i.d. standard normal random variables. In sharp contrast to the complex and quaternion Ginibre ensemble, real eigenvalues in the real Ginibre ensemble attain positive likelihood. In turn, the spectral radius of a real Ginibre matrix follows a different limiting law for purely real eigenvalues than for non-real ones. We will show that the limiting distribution of the largest real eigenvalue admits a closed form expression in terms of a distinguished solution to an inverse scattering problem for the Zakharov-Shabat system. This system is directly related to several of the most interesting nonlinear evolution equations in 1 + 1 dimensions which are solvable by the inverse scattering method. The results of this talk are based on our joint work with Jinho Baik..

Previous Seminars

1 July
Daniele Valeri (University of Glasgow)
Deformations of W-algebras and differential-difference equations

A recording of this talk is available here

24 June 2020
Marco Bertola (SISSA, Italy)
Tyurin data, non-Abelian Cauchy kernels and the Goldman bracket

A recording of this talk is available here

17 June 2020
Marta Mazzocco (University of Birmingham)
Quantum uniformisation and CY algebras

A recording of this talk is available here .

10 June 2020
Alfredo Deano (University of Kent)
Painlevé transcendents in non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles

A recording of this talk is available here

03 June 2020
A.P. Veselov (Loughborough)
Geometrization, integrability and knots

A recording of this talk is available here

27 May 2020
Rod Halburd (University College London)
Elementary calculations of complexity growth for solutions of discrete equations

20 May 2020
Antonio Moro (Northumbria University)
Integrability and complexity in  statistical mechanics: thermodynamic limit vs viscous/dispersive regularisation

A recording of this talk is available here.

13 May 2020
Paolo Rossi (University of Padova)
Givental theory for F-manifolds and non-Hamiltonian integrable PDEs

6 May 2020
Clare Dunning (University of Kent)
Wronskian Hermite polynomials

29 April 2020
Frank Nijhoff (University of Leeds)

22 April 2020
Nikita Nikolaev (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Abelianisation of Meromorphic SL(2)-Connections and the Hitchin Integrable System

A recording of this talk is available here

01 April 2020
Peter Clarkson (University of Kent)
Generalised Freud Weights

25 March 2020
Ian Strachan (University of Glasgow)
Miura Transformations from Novikov Algebras


This seminar series is supported as part of the ICMS/INI Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.