Virtual Seminar Series - Integrable Systems

Peter Clarkson, University of Kent
Ian Strachan, University of Glasgow

This is the webpage for the Virtual Integrable Systems Seminars.

These seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 1.30pm (unless stated otherwise).

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Seminars will resume on Wednesday 23 September at 1.30pm (please note earlier start time) and will run through to December. Details will be posted here in due course. If you have already registered for one of the previous seminars, you will be automatically emailed details of future talks nearer the time. 

The dates of the seminars and speakers are as follows:


Future Seminars

Seminars will resume on Wednesday 23 September at 1.30pm (please note earlier start time)

23 September 2020

Matteo Casati (Kent/Ningbo)

Title:Nonabelian Hamiltonian (integrable) systems - double, lambda and Schouten brackets

Abstract: Poisson brackets are an essential tool in the description of Integrable Systems. They at the same time endow the space of "observables" with the structure of a Lie algebra (allowing us to identify the conserved quantities of the system) and describe the action of the observables on the phase space (providing us with the Hamiltonian equations). Integrable nonabelian systems of equations (namely, systems in which the field variables take values in a nonabelian algebra, as in matrix-valued systems) can be described by the same general structure, but the underlying Poisson algebra should be replaced by the so-called double Poisson algebra. This has been established by Van Den Bergh for systems of ODEs and, more recently, by De Sole, Kac and Valeri for systems of PDEs. In this talk I would like to enlarge the landscape including integrable differential-difference equations, and cast the algebraic picture of double Poisson (and quasi-Poisson) algebras in geometrical terms.

30 September: Misha Feigin (Glasgow University)

14 October: Vincent Caudrelier (Leeds)

4 November: Beatrice Pelloni (Heriot-Watt University)

11 November: Claire Gilson (Glasgow University)

18 November: Patrick Dorey (Durham)


Previous Seminars

15 July 2020
Thomas Bothner (KCL)

Title: A threefold way to integrable probabilistic models

A recording of this talk is available here

1 July 2020
Daniele Valeri (University of Glasgow)
Deformations of W-algebras and differential-difference equations

A recording of this talk is available here

24 June 2020
Marco Bertola (SISSA, Italy)
Tyurin data, non-Abelian Cauchy kernels and the Goldman bracket

A recording of this talk is available here

17 June 2020
Marta Mazzocco (University of Birmingham)
Quantum uniformisation and CY algebras

A recording of this talk is available here .

10 June 2020
Alfredo Deano (University of Kent)
Painlevé transcendents in non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles

A recording of this talk is available here

03 June 2020
A.P. Veselov (Loughborough)
Geometrization, integrability and knots

A recording of this talk is available here

27 May 2020
Rod Halburd (University College London)
Elementary calculations of complexity growth for solutions of discrete equations

20 May 2020
Antonio Moro (Northumbria University)
Integrability and complexity in  statistical mechanics: thermodynamic limit vs viscous/dispersive regularisation

A recording of this talk is available here.

13 May 2020
Paolo Rossi (University of Padova)
Givental theory for F-manifolds and non-Hamiltonian integrable PDEs

6 May 2020
Clare Dunning (University of Kent)
Wronskian Hermite polynomials

29 April 2020
Frank Nijhoff (University of Leeds)

22 April 2020
Nikita Nikolaev (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Abelianisation of Meromorphic SL(2)-Connections and the Hitchin Integrable System

A recording of this talk is available here

01 April 2020
Peter Clarkson (University of Kent)
Generalised Freud Weights

25 March 2020
Ian Strachan (University of Glasgow)
Miura Transformations from Novikov Algebras


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