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Young Researchers in Combinatorics

 18 - 22 Jul 2022

ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh

The Young Researchers in Combinatorics workshop was aimed at PhD students and early-career academics working in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics and related fields.
  • Shagnik Das, National Taiwan University
  • Carla Groenland, Utrecht University
  • Jonathan Noel, University of Victoria
  • Yanitsa Pehova, SW7 Group > London School of Economics


The workshop consisted mostly of working sessions in which participants collaborated on research problems, and a limited number of talks and lectures. By building an environment of mostly young researchers, we hoped the participants felt free to contribute their ideas openly, thus preparing them to undertake their own research projects.
All participants had the chance to contribute a subset of the following items to the workshop:
  • A research problem with suggested reading
  • A lecture on a useful method
  • A short talk about their own research


Monday 18 July
Registration and Welcome
Charlotte Knierim Hat guessing numbers of strongly degenerate graphs
Alexey Pokrovskiy A random Hall-Paige Conjecture
Problem presentations
Amedeo Sgueglia Multistage Maker-Breaker games
Simona Boyadzhiyska Ramsey simplicity of random graphs
Problem presentations
Lecture by Katherine Staden The Erdös-Rothschild problem
Problem presentations
Welcome drinks and dinner buffet
Tuesday 19 July
Lecture by Patrick Morris Thresholds in pseudorandom graphs
Problem allocation
Public lecture by Piers Bursill-Hall A walk on the Dark Side: the other story about Isaac Newton
Wednesday 20 July
Alistair Benford Trees in tournaments
Alexandra Wesolek On asymptotic packing of geometric graphs
Group photo
Progress reports
Thursday 21 July
Natalie Behague Subgraphs of semi-random graphs
Oliver Janzer On the Turán number of graphs with minimum degree 3
Workshop dinner
Friday 22 July
Raphael Steiner New bounds for relatives of Hadwiger's conjecture
Progress reports

Sponsors and Funders:

The organisers acknowledge the generous support of the British Combinatorial Committee and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.