Quantum Homogeneous Spaces

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Quantum Homogeneous Spaces

 11 - 15 Jun 2018

ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Stefan Kolb, Newcastle University
  • Ulrich Kraehmer, Technische Universität Dresden
  • Adam Skalski, Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Christian Voigt, University of Glasgow


The objective of this workshop is to exhibit connections and stimulate interactions amongst ergodic actions of topological quantum groups, quantum symmetric pairs and commutative quantum homogeneous spaces


Kenny de Commer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Quantum Groups, Quantum Flag Manifolds and Quantum Symmetric Spaces
Jasper Stokman, University of Amsterdam Integrable Structures Arising From Split Symmetric Pairs
Alexandru Chirvasitu, University of California Quantum Homogeneous Spaces for Compact Quantum Groups
Pawel Kasprzak, University of Warsaw Contractive Idempotent Functionals on Locally Compact Quantum Groups
Debashish Goswami, Indian Statistical Institutem Kolkata Quantum Symmetry of Classical Spaces
Angela Tabiri, University of Glasgow Reducible and Compact Real Form Singular Curves Which are Quantum Homogeneous Spaces
Andrey Mudrov, University of Leicester Homogeneous Vector Bundles Over Quantum Spheres
Marco Matassa, University of Oslo Coideal Subalgebras and K-matrices in the *-Algebra Setting
Julien Bichon, Université Clermont Auvergne Graded Twisting of Comodule Algebras
Manuel Jose Silva Martins, Technische Universität Dresden Quantum Groups Acting on the Nodal Cubic
Gail Letzter, National Security Agency Quantum Symmetric Pairs and Their Representations
Liam Dobson, Newcastle University Factorisation of Quasi K-Matrices for Quantum Symmetric Pairs
Mariusz Tobolski, University of Warsaw An Equivariant Pushout Structure of Vaksman-Soibelman Odd Quantum Spheres
Weiqiang Wang, University of Virginia Perspectives on Quantum Symmetric Pairs
Yuki Arano, Kyoto University Rokhlin Actions of Tensor Categories
Tim Weelinck, University of Edinburgh Quantum Symmetric Pairs, Low-Dimensional Topology and Hecke Algebras
Ami Viselter, University of Haifa Convolution Semigroups on Quantum Groups and Non-Commutative Dirichlet Forms
Sara Malacarne, University of Oslo Martin Boundary of the Dual of a Free Unitary Quantum Group
Miguel Couto, University of Glasgow Commutative-by-Finite Hopf Algebras and Their Finite Dual
Moritz Weber, Universität des Saarlandes Quantum Spaces Arising from Partitions of Sets
Anna Wysoczanska-Kula, University of Wroclaw On a Levy-Khinchine Type Decomposition on Universal Quantum Groups and the Related Cohomological Properties
Bob Yuncken, Université Clermont Auvergne Twisted Spectral Triples and Pseudodifferential Calculus on Quantum Projective Spaces
Pierre Bieliavsky, Université catholique de Louvain Noncommutative Smooth Surfaces in Higher Genera
Makoto Yamashita, Ochanomizu University Ribbon Braided Module Categories, Quantum Symmetric Pairs and Knizhnik–Zamolodchikov Equations
James Zhang, University of Washington Quantum Homogeneous Spaces Associated to Hopf Operads