Risk, Resilience and Robustness of Dynamic Supply Networks: Bridging Mathematical Models and Practice

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Risk, Resilience and Robustness of Dynamic Supply Networks: Bridging Mathematical Models and Practice

 11 - 13 Jan 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

  • Alan Champneys, University of Bristol
  • Thilo Gross, University of Bristol
  • Bart MacCarthy, Nottingham University Business School
  • Dobrila Petrovic, Coventry University
  • John Quigley, University of Strathclyde
  • Lesley Walls, University of Strathclyde


Group photographs of the workshop are now available on the ICMS Flickr account.  The idea for this workshop arose out of the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Project.  


  • Bart MacCarthy, Lesley Walls, John Quigley, Alan Champneys, Thilo Gross, Dobrila Petrovic, EPSRC - Resilience and Robustness of Dynamical Supply Networks

  • Marcus Brandenburg, University of Kassel - Supply Chain Risk in New Product Development

  • Rommert Dekker, Erasmus University Rotterdam - Estimating and Mitigating Disruptions in Spare Parts Supply Chains

  • Stefan Nickel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Risk Aware Supply Chain Planning: Is Optimal Still Good Enough?

  • Alexandra Brintrup, University of Cambridge - Supply Network Analytics

  • Lesley Walls, John Quigley, Mahdi Parsa, EPSRC - Supplier Performance Ranking Under Epistemic Uncertainty

  • Iris Heckmann, Forschungszentrum Informatik - From Naive Supply Chain Risk Concepts to Computable Risk-Curves

  • Sabrina Ralph, University of Nottingham - The Impact of Quality Performance on Delivery: a Systems Dynamics Model

  • Abhijeet Ghadge. Heriot-Watt University - Supply Chain Risk Modelling

  • Maurizio Tomasella, University of Edinburgh -  Optimal Policies for Manufacturing Capacity Rental

  • Nick Wildgoose, Zurich Insurance - Lessons from the Corporate Front Line 

  • Ou Tang, Linköping University - A Review of Intellectual Structure in Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Nandakishore Aswathanarayana, Rolls-Royce - Resilience and Robustness in Supply Chain Under Uncertainty Due to Disruptions

  • Christoph Bode, University of Mannheim - A Simulation-Based Analysis of Response Strategies to Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Karsten Cox - Dynamics of Supply Chain Failure

  • Stephen Disney, Cardiff Business School - The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains

  • Janet Godsell, University of Warwick - Coming of Age: the Role of Data in Enabling Supply Chain Segmentation

  • Daniel Ritterskamp, University of Bristol - Resolving the Lack of Data Availability

  • Stephan Onggo, University of Lancaster - The Diffusion of Social Risk Perception in a Network

  • Magesh Nagarajan, Coventry University - Resilient EV Charging Network Infrastructure Expansion

  • Mansour Qubeissi, Coventry University - Impact of Mathematical Modelling on Engineering Advancement and Emission Reduction

  • Guven Demirel, University of Essex - Modelling Approaches to Supply Base Inspection, Surveillance and Intervention 

  • Tunde Adediran, Coventry University - Developing an Adaptive Scheduling System for Production-Inventory Replenishment Problems

  • Dobrila Petrovic, Coventry University - Fuzzy Multi-objective optimisation of Supply Network Risk, Robustness and Resilience      

  • Alex Rose, University of Nottingham - The Price of Anarchy on Heterogeneous Traffic-Flow Networks

  • Alan Champneys, University of Bristol - Robustness, Resilience and Flexibility