Applied and Computational Complex Analysis

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Applied and Computational Complex Analysis

 08 - 12 May 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

  • Peter Clarkson, University of Kent
  • Darren Crowdy, Imperial College London
  • Thanasis Fokas, University of Cambridge
  • Robb McDonald, University College London
  • Beatrice Pelloni, Heriot-Watt University


The following challenges were addressed:

  • Shape evolution in interface dynamics

  • Shape emergence in the Painlevé equations

  • Special function theory and asymptotics

  • Spectral analysis, transforms and medical imaging


  • Stefan Llewellyn Smith, University of California - Solving Matrix Wiener-Hopf Problems Numerically via Riemann-Hilbert Problems

  • Anastasia Kisil, University of Cambridge - Approximate Matrix Wiener-Hopf Factorisations and Applications to Problems in Acoustics

  • Alex Himonas, University of Notre Dame - The Unified Transform Method and Well-Posedness of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations

  • Elena Louca, University of California - A New Transform Approach to Biharmonic Boundary Value Problems in Polygonal and Circular Domains

  • Rhodri Nelson, Imperial College London - Outer Boundary Effects in a Petroleum Reservoir

  • Kostas Kalimeris, RICAM - A Non-Local Formulation for Two-Dimensional Water Waves

  • Rod Halburd, University College London - Integrable Delay-Differential Equations

  • Ana Loureiro, University of Kent - On Star-Symmetric Polynomials with Classical Behaviour

  • Claire Gilson, University of Glasgow - Constructing and Deconstructing Solutions in Ultra Discrete Integrable Systems

  • Sara Lombardo, Northumbria University - Linear Stability Analysis of Integrable Partial Differential Equations

  • Elizabeth Mansfield, University of Kent - Discrete Moving Frames and Discrete Variational Problems

  • Adri Olde Daalhuis, University of Edinburgh - Computation of the Coefficients Appearing in the Uniform Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals

  • Alfredo Deaño, University of Kent - Special Function Solutions of Painleve II and Painleve IV

  • David Gómez-Ullate Oteiza, ICMAT and Universidad Complutense Madrid - Durfee Rectangles, Exceptional Hermite Polynomials and Rational Solutions to Painleve Equations

  • Peter Olver, University of Minnesota - Dispersive Quantization of Linear and Nonlinear Qaves

  • Olga Trichtchenko, ICERM, Brown University - Solutions and Stability for Fexural-Gravity Waves

  • Chris Howls, University of Southampton - Invisible Catastrophes: When to Turn an Asymptotic Blind Eye

  • Mark Mineev-Weinstein, UFPE - Thermodynamics of the Laplacian Growth

  • Tamara Grava, SISSA - Universality of Critical Behaviour in Hamiltonian PDEs

  • Folkmar Bornemann, Technische Universität München - Numerical Problems Inspired by Discrete Complex Analysis

  • Anthony Davis, University of California - Non Existence of Further Closed Form 2-D Sloshing Modes in a Symmetric Triangular Basin

  • Michael Dallaston, Imperial College London - Asymptotic Selection of Self-Similar Rupture Solutions to a Generalised Thin Film Equation

  • Iasonas Hitzazis, Imperial College London - Linear Elliptic PDEs in a Cylindrical Domain with a Polygonal Cross-Section

  • Gergő Nemes, University of Edinburgh - Computable Error Bounds for Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals via Resurgence

  • Edward Johnson, University College London - Rotating Vortical Outflows

  • Bartosz Protas, McMaster University - On the Stability of Free-Boundary Problems

  • David Smith, Yale-NUS College - Nonlocal Problems for Linear Evolution Equations

  • John King, University of Nottingham - Complex-Plane Analysis of Diffusive Travelling Waves

  • Mark Blyth, University of East Anglia - Deformation of an Elastic Cell Under Inviscid Flow

  • Linda Cummings, New Jersey Institute of Technology - Slow Viscous Flows in Doubly Connected Domains