Isoperimetric Problems, Space-Filling and Soap Bubble Geometry

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Isoperimetric Problems, Space-Filling and Soap Bubble Geometry

 19 - 23 Mar 2012


Scientific Organisers

  • Simon Cox, Aberystwyth University
  • Frank Morgan, Williams College
  • John Sullivan, Technische Universitat Berlin


The workshop brought together experts in geometric measure theory, numerical computation, foam structure and applications to make progress finding and proving the optimum area-minimiding cellular structures. A blog on the topic can be found here and another article can be found here.

Photographs from the workshop are available here.

Speakers and their talk titles

Rafi Blumenfeld, Imperial College London & Cambridge University - Quadron Tessellation, Structural Quantification and Statistical Mechanics of Granular and Cellular Structures  

Antonio Cañete, Universidad de Sevilla - The Isoperimetric Problem in R^n for Homogeneous Densities  

Simon Cox, Aberystwyth University - Enumeration of Candidates to the Minimal Free Cluster in 2D

Edwin Flikkema, Aberystwyth University - From Clusters of Particles to 2D Bubble Clusters  

Ruggero Gabbrielli, Princeton University - Ideas for an Extension to the Frank-Kasper Phases

Raymond Goldstein, University of Cambridge - A Soap-Film Mobius Strip Changes Topology with a Twist Singularity  

Thomas Hales, University of Pittsburgh - Computer Assisted Proofs and the Kelvin Problem  

Aladar Heppes, Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics - Densest Packing of Translates of Strings 

Sascha Hilgenfeldt, University of Illinois - Order and Disorder in Tissues and Tilings  

Miyuki Koiso, Institute of Mathematics for Industry - Bifurcation and Stability for Solutions of Isoperimetric Problems

Andrew Kraynik, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg - Structure of Random Polydisperse Soap Froth  

Gary Lawlor, Brigham Young University - New Proofs for Double and Triple Bubbles  

Emanuel Lazar, Princeton University - The "Shapes" of Some Three-Dimensional Space Filling Patters

Adil Mughal, Aberystwyth University - Phyllotactic Description of Hard Sphere Packing in Cylindrical Channels

Stefano Nardulli, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Isoperimetry in Non-Compact Riemannian Manifolds

Robert Nemeth, Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Pattern Formation of Lotus Receptacles

Robert Nurnberg, Imperial College London - Parametric Approximation of Surface Clusters Driven by Isotropic and Anisotropic Surface Energies

Aldo Pratelli, University of Pavia - Recent Existence Results for the Isoperimetric Problem in R^N with Density

Sepehr Ravati, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal - Polymer Droplet Clusters  

Manuel Ritoré, Universidad de Granada - Geometric Inequalities and Soap Bubbles

John Sullivan, Technische Universitat Berlin - Foams with Small Faces   

Paul Sutcliffe, University of Durham - Domain Walls and Double Bubbles

Denis Weaire, Trinity College Dublin - Me and Kelvin: How Bubbles Brought Me to Beijing