Torsors: Theory and Applications

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Torsors: Theory and Applications

 10 - 14 Jan 2011


Scientific Organisers

  • Victor Batyrev, Universität Tübingen
  • Alexei N Skorobogatov, Imperial College London


The idea of the meeting was to bring together mathematicians who use torsors in their research. Two mini-courses presented recent achievements on the borderline between geometric invariant theory and representation theory. One morning session was devoted to new applications of étale homotopy; arithmetic applications of torsors featured in a number of other talks. On the whole, talks were accessible to a heterogeneous audience of experts, postdocs and PhD students coming from different backgrounds (algebra, algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry). We had a good mix of speakers: well established influential researchers as well as brilliant younger people. Much discussion went on between the talks. One goal has already been achieved: mathematicians working in areas that are related but which had limited contact have become aware of the existing methods and techniques. We are confident that this cross-fertilisation of ideas will continue. There was sufficient enthusiasm to publish a volume of conference proceedings featuring lecture notes of the two mini-courses. 

Speakers and their talk titles

Ivan Arzhantsev, Lomonosov Moscow State University - Two Applications of Cox Rings in Affine Geometry

Victor Batyrev, Universität Tübingen - Distribution of Rational Points and Mori Program

Mikhail Borovoi, Tel Aviv University - Extended Picard Complex of a Homogeneous Space

Cyril Demarche, Université Paris 6 - Strong Approximation in Homogeneous Spaces Over Number Fields 

Ulrich Derenthal, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - Counting Rational Points via Universal Torsors

Mathieu Florence, Université Paris 6 - Equivariant Geometry of Grassmannians 

Sergey Gayfullin, Moscow State University- Cox Rings of S-Varieties

Phillipe Gille, Ecole Normale Supérieure - Torsors and Classification of Multiloop Lie Algebras

David Harari, Universite Paris-Sud - Descent Theory for Open Varieties

Yonatan Harpaz, The Hebrew University - Homotopy Obstructions to Integral Points

Jürgen Hausen, Universität Tübingen - Cox Rings and Geometric Invariant Theory 

Antonio Laface, Universidad de Concepción - Techniques for Calculating Cox Rings

Ambrus Pál, Imperial College London - Rational Points and Homotopy Theory

Vera Serganova, University of California - Representation Theory, Torsors and Del Pezzo Surfaces

Tomer Shlank, The Hebrew University - The Brauer- Manin Obstruction Applied to Ramified Covers  

Jacob Stix, Universität Heidelberg - On the Section Conjecture Over Finite Fields

Jenia Tevelev, University of Massachusetts - Geometric Tropicalisation and Cox Coordinates

Felipe Voloch, University of Texas - Finite Descent Obstructions for Integral Points on Curves