Birational Geometry

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Birational Geometry

 06 - 10 Dec 2010

University of Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers

  • Caucher Birkar, University of Cambridge
  • Ivan Cheltsov, University of Edinburgh


This workshop was held in honour of Vyacheslav V. Shokurov's 60th birthday. 

Speakers and their talk titles

Valery Alexeev, University of Georgia - Explicit Compactifications of Moduli of Varieties of General Type

Fedor Bogomolov, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - Universal Spaces in Birational Geometry

Alessio Corti, Imperial College London - Finite Generation of the Canonical Ring and the Mori Program

Jean-Pierre Demailly, Universite de Grenoble - Holomorphic Morse Inequalities and the Green-Griffiths-Lang Conjecture

Simon Donaldson, Imperial College London - Discussion of the Kahler-Einstein Problem

Osamu Fujino, Kyoto University - Minimal Model Theory for Log Surfaces

Jun-Muk Hwang, Korea Institute of Advanced Study - Syzygies of Compact Complex Hyperbolic Manifolds

Ludmil Katzarkov, University of Miami - Gaps, Spectra and Applications

Yujiro Kawamata, University of Tokyo - Survey of the Abundance Conjecture

Victor Kulikov, Steklov Institute - On Non-Rationality of Cubic Fourfolds

Stephane Lamy, University of Warwick - The Cremona Group is not a S

James McKernan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Birational Boundedness

Kenji Matsuki, Purdue University - Resolution of Singularities of an Ideal in Positive Characteristic in Dimension Three

Shigefumi Mori, Kyoto University - Three Dimensional Q-conic Bundles and Related Topics

Mircea Mustata, University of Michigan - Invariants of Singularities in Zero and Positive Characteristic

Vlacheslav Nikulin, University of Liverpool - The Transition Constant for Arithmetic Hyperbolic Reflection Groups

Mihai Paun, Universite Nancy - Non-Vanishing and Metric Properties of Adjoint Bundles 

Yuri Prokhorov, Moscow State University - On the Classification of Singular Fano Threefolds

Miles Reid, University of Warwick - Codimension 4 Gorenstein Rings

Yuji Sano, Kyushu University - Alpha-Invariant and k-Stability of Ano Varieties

Slava Shokurov, Johns Hopkins University - Moduli and Birational Geometry

Yum-Tong Siu, Harvard University - Recent and Historical Analytic Techniques for Algebro-Geometric Problems

Alexander Tikhomirov, Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University - Rationality of the Moduli Space of Mathematical Instantons

Burt Totaro, University of Cambridge - Partially Positive Line Bundles

Hajime Tsuji, Sophia University - External Constructions of Canonical Metrics and a Conjectural Approach for the Abundance

Claire Voisin, Institute de Mathematiques Jussieu - Integral Hodge Classes, Unramified Cohomology and Birational Invariants

Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University - Geometry of Moduli Space of Kahler-Einstein Manifolds

Yuri Zarhin, Pennsylvania State University - Hodge Classes on Certain Hyperelliptic Prymians