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ICMS Visiting Fellow in Music announced!

9 Jun 2022

We are delighted to announce that Julien Lonchamp has been selected as the ICMS visiting fellow in music. He will be the first of what we hope will be a long stream of visiting fellows in the arts at the Centre.

Originally from Nancy, France, Julien has lived in Edinburgh since 2009. He has composed several pieces for a range of orchestras and ensembles, completed a residency with the Association of Irish Composers, and has scored a number of short films.

He is interested in how sound and music work at the interface with other disciplines, including visual art and science. He aims to create novel immersive “sound-worlds” by combining a wide range of composition processes in order to communicate abstract or complex ideas.

He will be working with us for 6 months, beginning towards the end of 2022.

He is looking for mathematicians to speak with about their work to inspire some of his piece(s). If you are interested in speaking with Julien, please get in touch with director Minhyong Kim in the first instance.

You can listen to and watch some of Julien’s previous works here




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