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ICMS statement on Ukraine

15 Jun 2022

In view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the enormous human suffering caused thereby, the ICMS will not be collaborating with institutions based in Russia or with close connections to the Russian government.  Our two parent institutions, Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, and our main funder UKRI have stated their positions on the situation. We align ourselves to those positions. 

In particular, for the time being, we cannot allow organisers, speakers or participants whose research is funded by Russian institutions to participate in ICMS activity either in person or online. However, we stress that this does not apply to individual Russian citizens without Russian public funding, who are invited to avail themselves of our scientific programmes and resources together with scientists from any other part of the world.

We wish to offer practical support and workspace for any scientists in distress who are seeking refuge in the UK, especially in the Edinburgh area. Contact the Centre Manager Jane Walker  or the Director Minhyong Kim  for queries. See also this webpage for a listing of offers from other centres belonging to the European Research Centres of Mathematics.  The Isaac Newton Institute is maintaining a Solidarity List for those able to offer concrete help to the victims of war: https://www.newton.ac.uk/information/solidarity-list/