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Public Engagement Activities

Closing Date: Open

Maths City Leeds was able to use ICMS funding to widen participation to more schools.

Closing Date: Open

Under the current EPSRC funding, ICMS has funding for Public Engagement (PE) activities related to the mathematical sciences. Specialist skills, different from those used when communicating with peers, are needed for addressing public audiences. ICMS seeks to support activities that develop these skills across the Mathematical Sciences Community.

There are 3 main options for activities:

  1. Training Events - Events primarily aimed at early-career researchers, but open to all mathematicians. Specific mathematics Public Engagement training for the next generation of communicators/expositors.
  2. Public Engagement Community Forum Events - Bringing together PE professionals and academics to develop a working group on goals and best practice for the Mathematics Public Engagement Community.
  3. Other Relevant Public Engagement Activities - Activities not covered by 1 or 2, which support the aims of Public Engagement. This option provides scope for new ideas to be developed. It is suggested that if you have an ideas in this area you discuss with the Centre Manager in advance of submitting a proposal.   

Previous projects we have accepted include: early career researcher training days, an art exhibition on Aperiodic Tiling with the Open University, funding for schools to visit Maths City Leeds, and the development of a hands-on maths workshop for school children.


Call for Public Engagement Proposals 

ICMS invites proposals from groups or indiciduals wishing to run training events, engage with the UK mathematics public engagement community to develop best pratice, or any other relevant public engagement activities. There is no set format; events could range from a PE session within a larger Maths conference to a stand-alone maths PE event.  


To apply to run an event under this initiative please complete the application form.

Applications should include a 2 page proposal submitted under Q7 in the application form. 

The proposal document should not normally exceed 2 pages, and should contain the following information:

  • Title of proposed Public Engagement Activity
  • Names/institution of organisers
  • Details of how the organisers' experience is relevant to the topic
  • Details of any researchers/experts you will involve
  • The objectives and relevance of the proposed activity 
  • Justification of the activity. Please ensure that the objectives of the activity are clear, and detail how it fits in with Public Engagement aims
  • A brief overview of your event structure (e.g. talks, table top activities, exhibits etc.)


This is an open rolling call. We will look to respond to applicants within 1 month of submission, earlier where possible.