Complex Networks and Emerging Applications

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Complex Networks and Emerging Applications

 Mar 28 - Apr 01, 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Vivek Borkar, Indian Institute of Technology

  • Moez Draief, Imperial College London

  • Ayalvadi Ganesh, University of Bristol

  • Rahul Roy, Indian Statistical Institute

From its beginnings in the work of Euler in the eighteenth century, network science has grown enormously and become a valuable tool for studying the behaviour of interacting systems or agents.  The development of network science in the last few decades has taken place across a number of disciplines, including mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science and engineering. This workshop brought together researchers from different areas of both theory and application to exchange ideas and learn about advances and open problems in the other disciplines. Furthermore, it fostered long-term collaborations between theoretical and applied researchers, and between researchers in the UK and India.

The topics for the survey talks were random graph models and dynamical processes, statistical physics models and critical phenomena, the economics of network formation, network models for social science and the applications of network models in systems biology.

The research talks covered graph models and dynamics on graphs in probability and statistical physics, network science in economics and social science, network science in biology and neuroscience, network models and algorithms in communications and computer science and statistical analysis and inference networks.

This workshop was part of the EPSRC-DST Indo-UK Initiative in Applied Mathematics.


  • Jonathan Jordan, University of Sheffield - Preferential Attachment with Choice

  • Antar Bandyopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute - De-Preferential Attachment Random Graphs 

  • Neeraja Sahasrabudhe, Indian Institute of Technology - Synchronization and Fluctuation Theorems for Interacting Friedman Urns

  • Sudeshna Sinha, Indian Institute of Science Education - Dynamics of Rewired Networks

  • Nic Freeman, University of Sheffield - Selection and Dimension

  • Cecile Mailler, University of Bath - Non-Extensive Condensation in Reinforced Branching Processes    

  • Igor Smolyarenko, Brunel University London - Models of Random Growing Networks with Intrinsic Node Fitness

  • Orestis Georgiou, Toshiba Research Europe Limited - Connectivity of Cooperative Wireless Networks

  • Carl Dettmann, University of Bristol - Spatial Networks with Random Connections

  • Mathew Penrose, University of Bath - Isolated Points for Inhomogeneous Random Graphs

  • Samuel Johnson, University of Warwick - Learning from Food Webs

  • James Cruise, Heriot-Watt University - Electricity Networks, Novel Challenges

  • Gesine Reinert, University of Oxford - Network Comparison 

  • Angus Davidson, University of Bristol - Steiner Trees in the Stochastic Mean Field Model of Distance

  • Fiona Skerman, University of Bristol - Modularity of Random Graphs 

  • Kumarjit Saha, Indian Statistical Institute - Drainage Networks in River Basin Modelling 

  • Rajesh Sundaresan, Indian Institute of Science - Epidemics in a Multi-Community Network

  • Nikolaos Fountoulakis, University of Birmingham - Metastability Phenomena in Bootstrap Percolation and Power Law Degree Distributions

  • Sheri Markose, University of Essex - Financial, Network Modelling for Systemic Risk mMnagement and Macro-Prudential Policy

  • Ioannis Lestas, University of Cambridge - Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks and Some Fundamental Limits for the Suppression of Molecular Fluctuations

  • Sitabhra Sinha, Institute of Mathematical Sciences - Meso-scale Networks in Neuroscience


Abla, AzalekorHeriot-Watt University
Frank, BallUniversity of Nottingham
Antar, BandyopadhyayIndian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre
Vivek, BorkarIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
James, CruiseHeriot-Watt University
Angus, DavidsonUniversity of Bristol
Carl, DettmannUniversity of Bristol
Nikolaos, FountoulakisUniversity of Birmingham
Nic, FreemanUniversity of Sheffield
Ayalvadi, GaneshUniversity of Bristol
Orestis, GeorgiouToshiba Research Europe Limited
Valerie, IshamUniversity College London
Sarika, JalanIndian Institue of Technology Indore
Samuel, JohnsonUniversity of Warwick
Jonathan, JordanUniversity of Sheffield
Ioannis, LestasUniversity of Cambridge
Malwina, LuczakQueen Mary University of London
Cecile, MaillerUniversity of Bath
Sheri, MarkoseUniversity of Essex
Sofia, OlhedeUniversity College London
Mathew, PenroseUniversity of Bath
Timofei, PrasolovHeriot-Watt University
Gesine, ReinertUniversity of Oxford
Rahul, RoyIndian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
Kumarjit, SahaIndian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
Neeraja, SahasrabudheIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Sudeshna, SinhaIndian Institute of Science Education & Research, Mohali
Sitabhra, SinhaInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Fiona, SkermanUniversity of Bristol
Igor, SmolyarenkoBrunel University London
Rajesh, SundaresanIndian Institute of Science