Stochastic Networks 2018

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Stochastic Networks 2018

 25 - 29 Jun 2018
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • James Cruise, Heriot-Watt University

  • Fraser Daly, Heriot-Watt University

  • Sergey Foss, Heriot-Watt University

  • Seva Shneer, Heriot-Watt University

The focus was the analysis of stochastic networks and their applications, which includes modelling, stability analysis, control, performance analysis and design of stochastic networks. Such analysis requires the bringing together of ideas and methodologies from a range of mathematical disciplines, including applied probability, stochastic processes, operational research, combinatorics and graph theory. The meeting covered a diverse range of application areas, such as telecommunications, call centres and  manufacturing networks, to more novel areas, for example power systems, social networks, neural networks.

The details of the "Stochastic Networks 2016" meeting is available here and to learn about previous "Stochastic Networks" meetings click here.


  • Sergey Foss, Heriot-Watt University

  • Seva Shneer, Heriot-Watt University

  • James Cruise, Heriot-Watt University

  • Peter Taylor, University of Melbourne

  • Haya Kaspi, Israel Institute of Technology

  • Ilze Ziedins, University of Auckland

  • François Baccelli, University of Texas

  • Kavita Ramanan, Brown University

  • Philippe Robert, INRIA

  • R. Srikant, University of Illinois



  • Jose Blanchet, Stanford University - Distributionally Robust Performance Analysis for Stochastic Networks

  • Sem Borst, Technical University of Eindhoven and Nokia Bell Labs

  • Jim Dai, Cornell University

  • Ken Duffy, National University of Ireland - DNA Coded Randomised Programs

  • Pablo Ferrari, Universidad de Buenos Aires

  • David Gamarnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Bruce Hajek, University of Illinois

  • Stella Kapodistria, Technical University of Eindhoven- Prescribed Maintenance Under Uncertainty

  • Frank Kelly, University of Cambridge

  • James Martin,  University of Oxford

  • Andreea Minca, Cornell University - Inhomogeneous Financial Networks and Contagious Links

  • Peter Moerters, University of Bath

  • Amber Puha, California State University - Asymptotic Behavior of a Critical Fluid Model for a Processor Sharing Queue via Relative Entropy

  • Justin Salez, Université Paris Diderot - Mixing Time and Cutoff for the Random Walk on Random Digraph

  • Sasha Stolyar, University of Illinois

  • Tolga Tezcan, London Business School - Yardstick Competition to Improve Access and Quality in Health Care Systems

  • Ngoc Tran, University of Texas - Iterated Gilbert Mosaics and Poisson Tropical Plane Curves

  • Remco van der Hofstad, Technical University of Eindhoven

  • Ruth Williams, University of California

  • Bert Zwart, CWI - A Stochastic Resource-Sharing Network for Electric Vehicle Charging


Pooja, AgarwalBrown University
Esmail, AmiriImam Khomeini International University
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François, BaccelliUniversity of Texas at Austin
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Mihail, BazhbaCWI, Amsterdam
Scott, BeeUniversity of Stirling
Jose, BlanchetColumbia University & Stanford University
Sem, BorstEindhoven University of Technology
Burak, BukeThe University of Edinburgh
David, CheekMIGSAA
James, CruiseHeriot-Watt University
Jim, DaiCornell University
Fraser, DalyHeriot-Watt University
Ioannis, DimitriouDepartment of Mathematics, University of Patras
Collin, DrentEindhoven University of Technology
Ken, DuffyMaynooth University
John, FernleyUniversity of Bath
Pablo, FerrariUniversidad de Buenos Aires
Sergey, FossHeriot-Watt University
David, GamarnikMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Ankan, GangulyBrown University
Itai, GurvichCornell University
Bruce, HajekUniversity of Illinois Urbana–Champaign
John, HasenbeinUniversity of Texas at Austin
Jiali, HuangUniversity of Minnesota
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Stella, KapodistriaTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
Haya, KaspiTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Frank, KellyUniversity of Cambridge
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Andreea C, MincaCornell University
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Amber, PuhaCalifornia State University San Marcos
Wenyi, QinSchool of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
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Marina, ReizakisSpringer Germany
Chang-Han, RheeCentrum Wiskunde & Informatica
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Seva, ShneerHeriot-Watt University
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Mark, YarrowUniversity of Sheffield
Yuqing, ZhangSchool of Mathematics, The University of Manchester
Ilze, ZiedinsUniversity of Auckland
Alessandro, ZoccaCalifornia Institute of Technology
Bert, ZwartCWI, Amsterdam