Perspectives on Artin Groups

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Perspectives on Artin Groups

 24 - 27 May 2021
 Online delivered via Zoom

Scientific Orgniser: Alexandre Martin, Heriot-Watt University

Artin groups form an important class of groups that generalise braid groups. While many problems about these groups remain open in general, our understanding of the structure and geometry of Artin groups has seen dramatic advances in recent years. This workshop will bring together mathematicians working on general Artin groups from various perspectives (actions in non-positive curvature, Garside structures, algorithmic aspects, combinatorics, etc.) to encourage new interactions and collaborations.

Speakers include: 

Matthieu Calvez, Heriot-Watt University
Ruth Charney, Brandeis University
Maria Cumplido, University of Seville
Thomas Haettel, Université de Montpellier
Jon McCammond, University of California, Santa Barbara
Damian Osajda, University of Wrocław
Luis Paris, Institute de Mathematiques de Bourgogne
Sarah Rees, University of Newcastle
Nicolas Vaskou, Heriot-Watt University


This workshop is funded by the EPSRC New Investigator Award EP/S010963/1


 Thursday 20 May: Joining instructions have been sent to all registered speakers and participants. If you have not recevied an email from Jane Walker at ICMS please check your spam folder.

Each day will begin with a talk in Zoom at 14.00 BST, with breaks using Gather.Town. In addtion there will be discussion sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Gather.Town is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations as if they might do in an in-person meeting. Gather.Town looks like a retro video game and is very easy to navigate. A drop in session for Gather. Town will be held on Friday 21 May so that participants can test the space out for themselves.


Monday 24 May
14:00 - María Cumplido: Garside structure on Artin groups
15:00 - Matthieu Calvez: Strongly contracting elements in Garside groups
16:00 - Break in GatherTown
16:30 - Discussion session

Tuesday 25 May
14:00 - Luis Paris: Isomorphism problem for even Artin groups
15:00 - Sarah Rees: Rewriting and decision problems in Artin groups
16:00 - Break in GatherTown
16:30 - Jon McCammond: Dual Braids in the Complex Braid Arrangement Complement

Wednesday 26 May
14:00 - Ruth Charney: What can we learn from Artin monoids?
15:00 - Nicolas Vaskou: Parabolic subgroups of large-type Artin groups
16:00 - Break in GatherTown
16:30 - Discussion session

Thursday 27 May
14:00 - Damian Osajda: Helly groups
15:00 - Thomas Haettel: Helly graphs, injective metrics and Artin groups
16:00 - Break in GatherTown
16:30 - Discussion session


The abstracts can be found here