Bernd Schroers: Heat pumps or hydrogen? - Public Lecture

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Bernd Schroers: Heat pumps or hydrogen? - Public Lecture

 Nov 23 2021

18:00 - 19:45

ICMS and the scientific organisers are delighted to welcome Bernd Schroers (Heriot-Watt) to ICMS Edinburgh for this public lecture

You can join this public lecture 'in-person'  OR  'on-line'.

Heat pumps or hydrogen? The thermodynamics of reaching net-zero 


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The 19th century science of thermodynamics was developed largely to design the heat engines which drove the industrial revolution: machines which burn fossil fuels to generate heat and turn it into useful work. Sustainable 21st century technologies for moving, keeping warm and making things rely on the same science of thermodynamics. In this talk we look at the role played by the laws of thermodynamics in sustainable energy technology. We apply the insights of the great Scottish engineers and physicists Watt, Kelvin and Maxwell to heat pumps and hydrogen technologies. Since a heat pump is essentially a heat engine run backwards we literally need to reverse parts of the industrial revolution to reach net-zero!

Timings (all GMT):

17.30 - Doors Open

18.00 - Introduction/Welcome

18.05 - Public Lecture

18.45 - Q&A

19.00 - Reception

19.45 - End of Event

'In-person' spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis


COVID-19 arrangements - attendees are requested to wear a mask (unless exempt), whilst moving around the building. The lecture theatre has reduced capacity, to enable 1m spacing. Attendees must NOT attend if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

IF REQUIRED - organisers will provide test and trace with contact details (name and email) as provided to Eventbrite when registering for this event.