New Developments in Reduced Order Modelling

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New Developments in Reduced Order Modelling

 Oct 15 2021

13:00 - 17:00

Scientific organiser: Gabriel R. Barrenechea, University of Strathclyde


Marco Fossati University of Strathclyde
Guanglian Li The University of Hong Kong
Gianluiggi Rozza  SISSA, Trieste
Alexander Wray University of Strathclyde

The focus of this meeting is on reduced order modelling, an extremely wide topic in which the number of deep mathematical results are still largely open, especially in complicated and challenging industrially-oriented applications. With this in mind, the choice of speakers for the meeting aims at reflecting how wide the area is, and even how the term Reduced order modelling can be interpreted in drastically different ways.
As can be seen from the list of speakers, they range from lectures in engineering and applied mathematics (Fossati and Wray), to well-established professors in the topic (Rozza). Somewhat between both ends, G. Li is a mathematician whose interests lie in the interface of reduced order models (in terms of reduced bases) with multiscale finite element methods, with an emphasis on the mathematical justification of the resulting methodologies. As such, the idea of the meeting will be to gather an as wide as possible spectrum of speakers, spanning from finite-element experts, to researchers with a speciality in continuum mechanics, to more industrially focused engineers.

 This meeting will take place via Zoom. To register to participate please complete this form. Participants will be sent a link to the zoom meeting on Thursday 14 October. 


The abstracts for the talks can be found here 


13:00-13:10 Welcome
13:10-14:00 Gianluiggi Rozza - Reduced order methods: state of the art, perspectives and applications in computational fluid dynamics
14:00-14:40 Alexander Wray - Physics-driven reduced order models in fluid dynamics
14:40-15:10 Break
15:10-15:50 Guanglian Li - Wavelets-based Edge Multiscale Finite Element Method for Helmholtz problems in perforated domains
15:50-16:30 Marco Fossati - Adaptive Reduced Order Modelling for steady and unsteady aerodynamics

To view the media playlist please click here.


This meeting will be the last one in the 2020 series of meetings that are under the umbrella of the London Mathematical Society Network
entitled Scottish Numerical Methods Network 2020. This two-year grant funded  one day workshops in Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. The coordinators of the Network are Agissilaos Athanassoulis, University of Dundee, Gabriel R. Barrenechea University of Strathclyde, Benjamin Goddard, University of Edinburgh, and Mariya Ptashnyk, Heriot-Watt University