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Warwick Combinatorics

 Jul 02 2021

14:00 - 15:00

The seminars occur weekly on a Friday, times vary depending on the location of the speaker.

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This seminar series is not recorded.

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Meeting ID: 829 6363 2253
Passcode: WC2021

Future Seminars

2 Jul
Will Perkins (Chicago)
Polymer models, cluster expansion, and local limit theorems: counting independent sets in the hypercube

I'll discuss how local central limit theorems can be used in combination with two tools from statistical physics, polymer models and the cluster expansion, to asymptotically enumerate independent sets of a given size in the hypercube. Joint work with Matthew Jenssen and Aditya Potukuchi (arxiv:2106.09709)


Past Seminars

19 April 2020

Robert Simon, LSE


6 May 2020

Thomas Johnston, Oxford


13 May 2020

Sergey Norin, McGill University


20 May 2020

Olof Sisask, Stockholm


27 May 2020

Peleg Michaeli, Tel Aviv


3 June 2020

Yifan Jing, UIUC


10 June 2020

Yahav Alon, Tel Aviv


17 June 2020

Andrzej Grzesik, Jagiellonian


24 June 2020

Bjarne Schülke, Hamburg


9 October 2020

László Lovász, Budapest


16 October 2020

Marthe Bonamy, Bordeaux


23 October 2020

Gábor Tardos, Budapest


30 October 2020

Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton


6 November 2020

Boris Bukh, Pittsburgh


13 November 2020

Tibor Szabó, Berlin


20 November 2020

Benny Sudakov, ETH Zurich


27 November 2020

Anton Bernshteyn, Georgia Tech


4 December 2020

Bhargav Narayanan, Rutgers - Homeomorphs


11 December 2020

Hong Liu, Warwick - Extreme density for sparse minors and subdivisions


15 January 2021

Pál Galicza, Budapest - Sparse reconstruction for iid variables


22 January 2021

Alexander Razborov, Chicago - Theons and Quasirandomness


29 January 2021

Lisa Sauermann, IAS - On Polynomials that vanish to high order on most of the hypercube

12 February 2021

Gábor Pete, Budapest - The Free Uniform Spanning Forest is disconnected in some virtually free groups, depending on the generating set

19 Feb 2021

Jan Kurkofka, Hamburg - Every infinitely edge-connected graph contains the Farey graph or T_{ℵ0}*t as a minor


26 Feb 2021

Lutz Warnke, Georgia Tech - Prague dimension of random graphs


5 March 2021

Louis Esperet, Grenoble - Asymptotic dimension of graphs


 12 March 2021

Annie Raymond, Massachusetts Amherst - Graph Density Inequalities, Sums of Squares and Tropicalization


19 March 2021

Daniel Spielman, Yale - Finite Free Probability and Ramanujan Graphs


4 Jun 2021
Gabor Kun, Budapest - Graphings without measurable perfect matchings

11 Jun
Nicholas Cook (Duke) Regularity method and large deviation principles for the Erdős-Rényi hypergraph

18 Jun
Vishesh Jain (Stanford) Towards the sampling Lovász Local Lemma

25 Jun
Tom Kelly (Birmingham A proof of the Erdős-Faber-Lovász conjecture

This seminar series is supported as part of the ICMS Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.