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South East Mathematical Physics Seminars

 Mar 02 2021

13:00 - 14:00


  •  Clare Dunning, University of Kent

These seminars take place weekly on a Tuesday at 13:00-14:00 GMT.

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The South East Mathematical Physics seminars bring together mathematical physicists based in and around the South East of England working on any aspect of mathematical physics, supported by a London Mathematical Society Joint Research Groups grant and hosted in virtual format by ICMS.

You will be sent a link to the Zoom meeting first thing on Tuesday mornings.

All recordings of seminars can be found here.

Forthcoming Seminars

2nd March
George Papamikos (University of Essex)
Yang-Baxter maps and related integrable systems

We present solutions of set-theoretic type of Yang-Baxter equations. These solutions are bi-rational maps with several invariant quantities and a Lax representation. We show that we can use these maps as building blocks to construct higher dimensional discrete integrable maps. For a particular example of such map, we prove its integrability in the Liouville sense and we point out that it can be seen as a numerical interpolation of the exact flow of a continuous integrable dynamical system. These maps can be seen as higher dimensional generalisations of the famous QRT maps and as special cases of Adler's Triad maps. Finally, we discuss several new generalisations regarding entwining Yang-Baxter maps and Yang-Baxter maps over Grassmann algebras.
(Please note this talk will NOT be recorded)

9th March
Jessica Eastman (Imperial College London)
Unravelling chaos from quantum mechanics

How does chaos emerge from the quantum world? One of the biggest conundrums  that has plagued physicists since the birth of quantum mechanics has been explaining what happens when the classical limit is chaotic. Thus the field of quantum chaos was brought into existence.
It could be argued that two of the best tools that we have for understanding quantum chaos are random matrix theory and quantum trajectories, both of which offer differing perspectives on the behaviour of the system.
From the first, we see a universal behaviour of chaotic systems, that the level spacing statistics obeys the random matrix theory of gaussian ensembles. But the attempts to use this to explain dissipative chaos has, for the most part, been unexplored.
From the second, we are able to unravel the dynamics of individual trajectories in order to quantify chaos through quantum Lyapunov exponents and explore the smooth transition from quantum mechanics to classical chaos. This has been particularly fruitful for exploring dissipative chaos.
In this talk, I will outline some of the contributions that I have made to the field towards a more concrete understanding of dissipative quantum chaos.
16th March
Giota Adamopoulou (Heriot-Watt University)

23rd March
Damian Galante (King's College London)

30th March
Edoardo Vescovi (The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics)


Previous Seminars

23rd February

Daniela Cadamuro - Operator-algebraic construction of quantum integrable models with bound states

16 February

Nat Levine  - RG flow of integrable GxG and GxG/H sigma models

09 February 2021

Nikolay Gromov - Correlators in integrable models with Separation of Variables

08 December 2020

Leander Wyss - Boost superalgebras in AdS_3/CFT2

  • This talk was not recorded

24 November

Livia Ferro - Geometries for scattering amplitudes, and beyond


17 November

Harini Desiraju - Painlev'e tau-functions and Fredholm determinants


10 November

Vidas Regelskis - How does algebraic Bethe ansatz work for orthogonal and symplectic spin chains?


03 November

Christian Korff - The Boson-Fermion correspondence and the asymmetric six-vertex model


20 October

Theodoros Kouloukas - Poisson structures and discrete integrability (lecture 3)

Juan Miguel Nieto García - Scalar Products in the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz (lecture 3)


13 October

Theodoros Kouloukas - Poisson structures and discrete integrability (lecture 2)

Juan Miguel Nieto García - Scalar Products in the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz (lecture 2)


06 October

Theodoros Kouloukas - Poisson structures and discrete integrability (lecture 1)

Juan Miguel Nieto García - Scalar Products in the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz (lecture 1)


22 September

Tommaso Macrelli - BV formalism, QFT and Gravity: a Homotopy perspective


08 September

Edoardo Vescovi, Imperial College - Probing Wilson loops at finite coupling via integrability


11 August

Zhenghao Zhong, Imperial College London - Magnetic quivers from brane webs with O5 planes


Zoom is the online platform being used to deliver this seminar series.

This event is supported as part of the  ICMS Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.