Singularity Formation in General Relativity and Dispersive PDEs

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Singularity Formation in General Relativity and Dispersive PDEs

 29 May - 02 Jun 2023

ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh


Scientific organisers

  • Pieter Blue , University of Edinburgh
  • Cécile Huneau, CMLS, École polytechnique
  • Sung-­Jin Oh , University of California Berkeley
  • Jan Sbierski, University of Edinburgh


This workshop aimed to bring together experts on singularity formation from mathematical general relativity as well as from dispersive PDE to map out the current frontiers of the fields, stimulate the transfer of ideas, foster discussions and new collaborations, and to inspire the new generation of researchers to take up the challenges this field holds. On the side of general relativity the workshop focused on the topics of naked singularities, singularities inside black holes, as well as cosmological singularities. On the side of dispersive PDE the workshop aimed to discuss the characterisation of general singularities and blow-up dynamics.


Monday 29 May
Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and housekeeping (organisers and ICMS)
Mihalis Dafermos, Princeton University “The cosmic censorship conjectures in general relativity: current status and open problems”
Coffee Break
Annegret Burtscher, Radboud University On the formation of trapped surfaces for matter fields
Louise Gassot , Université de Rennes Zero-dispersion limit for the Benjamin-Ono equation 
Jacek Jendrej, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Dynamics of kink clusters for scalar fields in dimension 1+1
Coffee Break
Kihyun Kim, The Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques Rigidity of long-term dynamics of the self-dual Chern-Simons-Schrödinger equation within equivarianc
Drinks Reception at ICMS
Tuesday 30th May
Jared Speck, Vanderbilt University The structure of the maximal development in 3D compressible Euler flow
Coffee Break
Qian Wang , University of Oxford Rough solutions of the $3$-D compressible Euler equations 
Juhi Jang, University of Southern California Gravitational collapse of gaseous stars 
Spyros Alexakis, University of Toronto  Singularity formation in black hole interiors 
Coffee Break
Evening Colloquium - Igor Rodnianski., Princeton University Self-similarity: two examples of singularity formation
Wednesday 31 May
Jeremy Szeftel, Sorbonne University Finite time blow up for defocusing supercritical NLS and compressible fluids
Frans Pretorius, Princeton University Insights into the rotating black hole interior from numerical solutions
Coffee Break
Hans Ringstroem, KTH Royal Institute of Technology  A geometric perspective on cosmological singularities 
Lunch followed by possible local activity
Thursday 1 June
Anne-Sophie De Suzzoni, The Institut Polytechnique de Paris Strichartz estimates for the Dirac equation on asymptotically flat manifolds 
Coffee Break
Andrew Lawrie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Continuous bubbling for the harmonic map heat flow
Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman, University of Toronto Naked Singularities for the Einstein Vacuum Equations
Grigorios Fournodavlos, University of Crete Stable Big Bang formation
Conference Dinner at Blonde
Friday 2 June
Maxime Van de Moortel , Rutgers University The co-existence of null and spacelike singularities in the interior of spherically symmetric black holes
Coffee Break
Elena Giorgi, Columbia University “Physical-space estimates on black hole perturbations”.
Yan Guo, Brown University Global smooth axisymmetric Euler flows
Jonathan Luk, Stanford University Shock formation for the Einstein-Euler system