Polyhedral Products: a Path Between Homotopy Theory and Geometric Group Theory

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Polyhedral Products: a Path Between Homotopy Theory and Geometric Group Theory

 05 - 09 Jun 2023

ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh


Scientific organisers

  • Martin Bendersky, CUNY
  • Jelena Grbić, University of Southampton
  • Ian Leary, University of Southampton
  • Stephen Theriault, University of Southampton


The overall aim of the workshop was to generate research opportunities at the intersection of the homotopy theory and geometric group theory associated to polyhedral products. These two areas have substantial common ground but to date have had only limited interaction. The workshop significantly amplified the existing connections and investigated novel interactions between these two areas.


Monday 5 June
Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and Housekeeping
Michael Davis, Ohio State University Graph products and generalized graph products
Vladimir Vankov, University of Bristol Bestvina-Brady groups and generalisations
Alexandre Martin, Heriot-Watt University Graph products, Artin groups, and their related geometry
Welcome Reception, hosted at ICMS
Tuesday 6 June
Mark Grant, University of Aberdeen Equivariantly aspherical presentations
Abigail Linton, NTNU The cohomology of partial quotients
Steven Amelotte, University of Western Ontario Equivariant formality of torus actions on moment-angle complexes
Problem Session
Public Lecture, by Ruth Charney From Braid Groups to Artin Groups
Wednesday 7 June
Rachael Boyd, University of Glasgow Embedding spaces of links
Ian Hambleton, McMaster University Finite Group Actions and Chain Complexes over the Orbit Category
Lunch and Free Afternoon
Thursday 8 June
Sarah Whitehouse, University of Sheffield Homotopy theory and spectral sequences
Xin Fu, Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences And Applications Integral cohomology rings of four-dimensional toric orbifolds
Lary So, University of Western Ontario Weighted polyhedral products and Steenrod's problem
Alejandro Adem, University of British Columbia (via Zoom) Clay Lecture: Minimal Euler Characteristics for Even-Dimensional Manifolds with A Given Fundamental Group
Problem Session
Workshop Dinner, hosted at Blonde Restaurant
Friday 9 June
Conchita Martínez Pérez, Universidad de Zaragoza Sigma invariants and Artin groups
Naomi Andrew, University of Oxford Centralisers in Out(Fn)
Lunch and End of Workshop

Sponsors and Funders:

  • ICMS
  • GMJT
  • EMS
  • Heilbronn
  • CMI