ICMS/INI Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars

ICMS/INI Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars

At a time when we are unable to carry out our usual activities and events due to COVID-19 the ICMS and the INI have been exploring ways in which we can facilitate more activity within the mathematical sciences.

We would like support to the mathematical sciences community in the UK by helping to organize and run online seminars (both one-off events and seminar series). Working with us will enable you to broaden the reach of your events, include international participants, and make it possible for geographically separate groups to come together. As ever the benefit of running events through ICMS is that we can do all the tedious, tricky background work and allow you to concentrate on the scientific content. ICMS has the experience and expertise in running events online and can organise scheduling, technical support, advertising and manage a registration/ invitation process as you like.

Support provided will include:

  • Hosting the webinar and providing technical support throughout
  • Practice/support sessions on zoom for speakers in advance
  • Support sessions for participants in advance
  • Advertising the event and issuing invitations to participants
  • Registration / gatekeeping of participants
  • Making video of the event available online if desired

As you would expect from an event run by ICMS we will be flexible with you to make your event successful. We are happy to support you to run a one-off event or a seminar series during this period.

A webinar could follow the format below. Longer or shorter formats can be accommodated
-  13:00-13.15 Session opens
-  13:15-14:15 Talk 1 with questions
-  14:15-15:15 Talk 2 with questions
-  15:15-15.30 End session


23rd April Update

We have received a large number of requests for help and are pleased to say we are working with mathematicians all over the UK to support them with their events. Due to the demand we are pausing the call for support whilst we take stock of the requests. We will open the call again on Monday 4 May.  For new applications where there appears to be substantial overlap we may suggest that groups join up across the county.

In addition, to support for mathematical research activities, many knowledge exchange for the mathematical sciences have been postponed, or moving online. For KE activities which aim to support businesses, this creates challenges in the personal interactions which often lead to collaboration and business benefits. These benefits are needed acutely now. Working with INI, KTN and other partners across the UK mathematical sciences, a "forum" is being established. This forum will look to pull in business challenges (short, medium and long term) for specific companies and for sectors as a whole. With a group of mathematical scientists in UK research institutes, this forum creates an ecosystem for university research to be accessible by business. Planned activities include webinars (akin to those planned for research activities), a triaging function and virtual study groups. The details of this are being finalised and further details and announcements will be made in mid April.

These activities are proposed as a way to support the mathematical community at this time. If people have recommendations/suggestions of other activities/support that could be considered please contact us at info@icms.org.uk