Research Partnerships with Industry (RPI)

This ICMS programme invites applications from small groups of researchers from one academic institution (between 2 to 4) who wish to organise a short, intensive period of research in Edinburgh with an industrial partner. Here ‘industrial’ is interpreted broadly to include, for example, the financial sector and healthcare, but it must be independent from the academic institution. The idea of having one academic institution and one industrial partner is to simplify IP issues, a multi-institution proposal would be considered provided any IP issues have already been agreed between the institutions and the industrial partner. We recognise that industrial partners will not normally be able to spend the full period at ICMS, but we would expect them to have some self-financed involvement including a visit during the research period.

The programme will enable researchers to spend time in intensive research collaboration at ICMS, away from teaching and administration. The primary aim is to support top-quality (international) research in the mathematical sciences with a view to application. For example the proposal might focus on completing a proof-of-concept piece of work to cement a novel approach and a new relationship, or it might provide a period of time to ensure that an agreed piece of novel industrial research can be completed in a timely manner. We would expect some form of output to be part of the proposal; e.g an academic paper, an internal technical report or a brief 1 page summary of the activity (in the event of disclosure agreements we are happy to accept a brief confirmation from the industrial partner to the effect that this has been competed).

Successful applicants will be offered financial support for the academic members, including PhD students, and office facilities for their collaboration at ICMS on a specified project. It will be expected that the period being supported should be committed 100% by the participants to the proposed research. ICMS will encourage researchers to stay between 2 weeks and one month.

Researchers should note that ICMS can arrange and cover self-catering accommodation and office space for participants and contribute towards daily expenses. ICMS can also cover return travel expenses to Edinburgh but cannot offer reimbursement to universities for teaching or lecturing expenses.

Research Partnerships with Industry Submission Guidelines

Organisers should contact ICMS (Dawn Wasley, Knowledge Transfer Officer) to discuss ideas and dates before finalising a proposal for submission.

December 2017 Update - With the award of our new grant, we are incorporating these initiatives into our revised proposal schedule.

The Programme Committee will consider proposals with a light touch reviewing system so that we can respond quickly to proposals.
The proposal document should not normally exceed 3 pages and should be submitted electronically (PDF, PS, Word or DVI). In the covering email the applicant should suggest the names of three referees and provide contact details.

Email the proposal to

The following information should be provided:

  • Title of research activity and nature of industrial collaboration
  • Names of researchers and industrial partner 
    Each group should consist of between 2 to 4 researchers, with at least one researcher from the UK. The group should nominate a main contact for all correspondence from ICMS.
  • CV and publications list for each academic researcher 
    These can be attached as separate documents.
  • The objectives, novelty and timeliness of the proposed research 
    This part of the proposal - the scientific and industrial justification - is the key. Make sure that the objectives of the research activity are clear and make a strong case for holding it at this time, together with the nature of any outputs and the level of involvement of the industrial partner. Please note that the group will be required to write a brief report at the end of their visit, including a note from the industrial partner evaluating the effectiveness of the contribution.
  • Proposed start and end dates
    The scheme is open for a trial period to determine whether there is an appetite for this activity within the community. We will respond quickly to proposals (within a month) but need activity to take place before the end of February 2017.
  • An estimate of the travel and subsistence costs required 
    ICMS can contribute to return travel costs, can arrange and cover self-catering accommodation in Edinburgh and contribute to daily expenses for the academic partners. Please e-mail Dawn Wasley for further details.