Research in Groups

This ICMS programme invites applications from small groups of researchers (between 2 to 6) who wish to organise a short, intensive period of research in Edinburgh, typically between 2 and 4 weeks. At least one researcher must be based in the UK. Not all researchers should be from the same university with a maximum of two researchers from any one university.  

The programme will enable researchers to spend time in intensive research collaboration at ICMS, away from teaching and administration. The primary aim is to support top-quality (international) research in the mathematical sciences and therefore ICMS encourages adventurous proposals involving novel groupings of researchers, especially in interdisciplinary areas involving international collaborators.

Successful applicants will be offered financial support and office facilities for their collaboration at ICMS on a specified project. It will be expected that the period being supported should be committed 100% by the participants to the proposed research.

 Researchers should note that ICMS can usually arrange to pay for the costs of self-catering accommodation and office space for participants and contribute towards daily expenses. ICMS can also cover return travel expenses to Edinburgh but cannot offer reimbursement to universities for teaching or lecturing expenses.

Submission deadlines for Research-in-Groups are 1 November; 1 February; 1 May and 1 September each year. You should expect to know the outcome of your application within two months of the submission date.

ICMS can host Research-in-Groups visits all year round.

Please contact Jane Walker, Centre Manager to discuss your proposal.