Guidelines on the Preparation of a Workshop Report

Within six weeks of the end of the workshop Organisers must produce a report of their meeting. This will be used:

  • In evaluation by the Programme Committee (Organisers will be sent a copy of the evaluation)
  • In published records of workshop activity (e.g. the ICMS web-based record)
  • In evaluation of ICMS by its funders

The report should be in three parts:

  1. An explanation of any significant deviation from the original proposal (this will be used only for the purposes of evaluation).
  2. A short description of the meeting (<200 words) describing the importance of the research reported/undertaken in terms that would be understandable to a general audience.
  3. A comprehensive report of the workshop of about 1000 words. Describe the highlights of the workshop, the involvement of participants and any new collaborations likely to arise. Please represent fully the views of your co-organisers and/or Scientific Committee.