Post-selection Procedures

Once the Programme Committee has approved a proposal the Management Committee of ICMS will allocate a budget to the workshops. (The Management Committee is charged with overseeing the financial management of ICMS. See the web pages on the management of ICMS for further information.)

One of the proposers will be nominated as Principal Organiser to be responsible to the Centre Manager (CM) for the budget.
The CM and the Principal Organiser will make detailed plans for the meeting.

The Principal Organiser is responsible for preparing a final report on the workshop in order to help the Programme Committee evaluate the event and to form the basis of reports published in the ICMS website. (Instructions on the preparation of a final report are available from the General Information page.)

Data is collected by ICMS on the status, nationality etc of all participants. Participants are encouraged to comment on their experience of meetings attended at ICMS by completing questionnaires, either on paper at the end of the meeting, or via a secure web page on their return home. (ICMS is covered by the Heriot-Watt University data protection licence and abides by its conditions.)