ICMS Scientific Policy

The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences was established to facilitate international collaborations across the mathematical sciences through a programme of workshops and symposia. Meetings of this sort have an important part to play in the development of the mathematical sciences, both in terms of creating and consolidating collaborations and in establishing new links between different areas of mathematics and between disciplines.

The ICMS programme is developed both in response to initiatives from potential organisers and through active encouragement of proposals in certain areas by the Scientific Director and members of the Programme Committee.

ICMS welcomes proposals for workshops and symposia on all aspects of the mathematical sciences in new or traditional subjects and in interdisciplinary areas with significant mathematical content. The core of the ICMS programme will be the rapid-reaction research workshop programme that focuses on fast-developing and newly emerged areas where there is a need to evaluate developments quickly. All proposals will be refereed by national and international experts whose comments will be assessed by the Programme Committee. Proposed meetings should

  • have substantial and significant mathematical content and be likely to contribute to the advancement of the mathematical sciences;
  • bring together mathematicians and scientists of international standing, with an appropriate balance of age and gender;
  • be focused with clearly defined aims and objectives;
  • be of a size, type and duration suitable to the stated aims and objectives.

ICMS aims to be supportive and helpful in its dealings with organisers preparing proposals. See Financial Support Available for an explanation of the support available for EPSRC events and Sections on Assessment of Proposals and Selection Criteria for details of the refereeing process and of selection criteria. Note that at least one of the key potential Organisers should, by reason of his/her position, be eligible to hold an EPSRC grant.ICMS aims to be supportive and helpful in its dealings with organisers preparing proposals.