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Financial support available for workshops

Travel and subsistence

Grants from EPSRC and LMS enable ICMS to make a substantial contribution to the subsistence costs, and some contribution towards the travel expenses, of participants (in the expectation that some cover for travel may come from other sources). Funds will usually be available for travel and subsistence for about 30 people for one week. Larger or longer meetings are possible but will need either an additional source of funding or a special case to be made.

As an indication, the funding for a meeting in 2019 was as follows:  

  • Accommodation (bed & breakfast): 30 people @ £82 per night for 5 nights = £12900
  • Catering: 30 people @ £120 per person for the duration of the workshop = £3600
  • Travel support may be offered subject to availability

The Centre Manager can advise on the budget.

Note that this may not cover all the expenses of a given participant. The EPSRC funds will be administered through ICMS (not transferred to the parent institution of the proposer).

Staff support

The ICMS staff undertake all the non-scientific administration of the meeting. ICMS will be as flexible as possible, bearing in mind the experience and location of the Scientific Organisers and the requirements of a particular meeting.


Meetings with fewer than 80 participants can be held at ICMS, The Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT . Proposals for meetings with more than 80 participants are also invited, but another location will have to be found.
Meetings can also be held at other venues in the UK under the ICMS@ programme. If you would like to do this or think about this please discuss with the Centre Manager.

Registration Fee

ICMS charges a registration fee of £100. This will form part of the overall funding for the meeting.