Trapped Waves and Wave Radiation in Fluid Mechanics

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Trapped Waves and Wave Radiation in Fluid Mechanics

 18 - 22 Jul 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Lyuba Chumakova, University of Edinburgh

  • Edward Johnson, University College London

  • Paul Milewski, University of Bath

Trapped wave phenomena are challenging to analyse and predict, as they usually require the study of partial differential equations with one or more complications from complex boundaries, variable co-efficients or non-linearity. The workshop brought together researchers whose expertise spans geophysical flows, surface water waves, complex dynamics and experiments, and the underpinning theory of waves in fluids. These specialists came from different fields: pure and applied mathematics, atmospheric and ocean scientists, experimentalists and industry representatives. This workshop was a perfect environment for them to exchange ideas, borrow approaches and start interdisciplinary collaborations. Additionally, it identified and outlined outstanding mathematical problems underpinning wave trapping and wave radiation.

The workshop addressed:

  • Self trapping arising from non-linear effects such as the generation of a mean field

  • Topographic trapping arising from beaches, mountains, and variations of coastal topography slope

  • Equatorial trapping arising from the variation in Coriolis effect in the equatorial region

  • Stratification trapping from either refraction of high frequencies or trapped modal structures

  • Trapping by currents and large scale flows

  • Trapping associated with the critical latitude for near-inertial internal waves

  • Wave generation by flows over mountains or ocean topography

  • Leaking of trapped modes by transmission through boundaries and high contrast regions

  • Inelastic nonlinear wave interaction and dispersive radiation

  • Localised forcing in a trapped wave context

  • Resonant and critical flows

  • Radiation from oceanic coastal-trapped waves propagating over planetary scales


Photographs are available to download here.


I David, AbrahamsIsaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Ricardo, BarrosUniversity of Limerick, Ireland
Oliver, BuhlerCourant Institute, New York University
Roberto, CamassaUniversity of North Carolina
Marios, ChristouOffshore CG
Lyuba, ChumakovaUniversity of Edinburgh
Thomas, DaveyFloWave TT Ltd
Francisco, de Melo VirissimoUniversity of Bath
Frederic, DiasUniversity College Dublin
Matt, DureyUniversity of Bath
Gavin, EslerUniversity College London
Carlos, Galeano-RiosUniversity of Bath
Lukas, GoessnitzerUniversity of Oxford
Roger, GrimshawUniversity College London
Diane, HendersonPenn State University, USA
Edward, JohnsonUniversity College London
Karima, KhusnutdinovaLoughborough University
Mark, KnosOffshore Renewable Energy Catapult
James, MaddisonUniversity of Edinburgh
Mark, ManzocchiAtkins Ltd
Paul, MilewskiUniversity of Bath
Caroline, MullerENS, France
David, MurakiSFU, Canada
Emilian, ParauUniversity of East Anglia
Rod, RaineyAtkins
Rodolfo Ruben, RosalesMIT
Andrew, RzeznikMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Miles, SavvaMIGSAA
Richard, ScottUniversity of St Andrews
Victor, ShriraUniversity of Keele
Esteban, TabakNew York University
Olga, TrichtchenkoICERM, Brown University
Ton, van den BremerUniversity of Edinburgh
Jean-Marc, Vanden-BroeckUniversity College London
Jacques, VannesteUniversity of Edinburgh
Marcelo, Velloso Flamarion VasconcellosUniversity of Bath
Vladimir, ZeitlinÉcole Normale Supérieure/University P. and M. Curie