Thermodynamic Formalism in Dynamical Systems

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Thermodynamic Formalism in Dynamical Systems

 18 - 22 Jun 2018
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Thomas Jordan, University of Bristol

  • Omri Sarig, Weizmann Institute of Science

  • Dan Thompson, Ohio State University

  • Mike Todd, University of St Andrews

The aim was to bring together researchers with a wide range of specialities in thermodynamic formalism. The four main themes were: non-uniformly hyperbolic and non-compact systems, subadditive ergodic theory and applications, infinite ergodic theory and dissipative dynamics and thermodynamics for systems of a geometric/physical origin.


  • Sebastien Gouezel, Université de Nantes - Ruelle Resonances for Linear Pseudo-Anosov Maps

  • Barbara Schapira, Université Rennes 1 - Strongly Positively Recurrent Manifolds and Applications

  • Antti Kaenmaki, University of Helsinki - Subadditive Ergodic Theory and Applications

  • Dalia Terhesiu, University of Exeter - Limit Laws Along Subsequences for Null Recurrent Renewal Shifts

  • Tom Kempton, University of Manchester - On the Hausdorff Dimension of Bernoulli Convolutions

  • Yuri Lima, Universidade Federal do Ceará - Symbolic Dynamics for Non-Uniformly Hyperbolic Systems With Singularities

  • Pierre Berger, Paris 13 - Emergence of Non-Ergodic, Conservative Dynamics

  • Catherine Bruce, University of Manchester - Projections of Gibbs Measures on Self-Conformal Sets

  • Klaus Thomsen, Aarhus University - KMS states, Conformal Measures and Ends in Digraphs

  • Mark Pollicott, University of Warwick - Thermodynamic Formalism and the Zaremba Conjecture

  • Viviane Baladi, CNRS - On the Measure of Maximal Entropy of Sinai Billiards

  • Natalia Jurga, University of Surrey - A Dimension Gap for Bernoulli Measures for the Gauss Map

  • Malo Jézéquel, École Normale Supérieure de Paris - Distribution of Ruelle Resonances for Non-Analytic Hyperbolic Diffeomorphisms 

  • Keith Burns, Northwestern University - Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows in Nonpositive Curvature

  • Nyima Kao, University of Chicago - Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows on Surfaces Without Focal Points

  • Katrin Gelfert, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Weak*- and in Entropy Approximation of Nonhyperbolic Measures in Partially Hyperbolic Diffeormorphisms

  • Seonhee Lim, Seoul National University - Hausdorff Dimension of Bad Sets in Inhomogeneous Diophantine Approximation

  • Neil Dobbs, University College Dublin - Free Energy Jumps Up

  • Jairo Bochi, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Optimization of Lyapunov Exponents

  • Vaughn Climenhaga, University of Houston - Leaf Measures, Dynamical Dimensions, and Equilibrium States

  • Godofredo Iommi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile - Upper Semi-Continuity of the Entropy Map for Markov Shifts


We are grateful for the financial support from the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Learning and Research Support Fund. We also acknowledge financial support from the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.


Simon, BakerUniversity of Warwick
Viviane, BaladiCNRS
Kamel, BelarifUniversite Paris Est Creteil
Pierre, BergerCNRS
Jairo, BochiPUC-Chile
Claudio, BonannoUniversity of Pisa
ADRIEN, BOULANGERInstitut mathématique de Jussieu
Harrison, BrayUniversity of Michigan
Catherine, BruceUniversity of Manchester
Henk, BruinUniversity of Vienna
Keith, BurnsMathematics Department, Northwestern University
Stuart, BurrellUniversity of St Andrews
Alec Chamberlain, CannUniversity of Bristol
Stephen, CantrellThe University of Warwick
Yong Moo, ChungHiroshima University
Vaughn, ClimenhagaUniversity of Houston
Alessio, Del VignaDipartimento di Matematica, Pisa
Mark, DemersFairfield University
Neil, DobbsUniversity College, Dublin
Rhiannon, DougallUniversité de Nantes
Peyman, EslamiUniversity of Warwick
Kenneth, FalconerUniversity of St Andrews
De-Jung, FengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Jonathan, FraserUniversity of St Andrews
Katrin, GelfertFederal University of Rio de Janeiro
Selim, GhazouaniUniversity of Warwick
Sebastien, GouezelCNRS
Douglas, HowroydUniversity of St Andrews
Godofredo, IommiPUC
Thomas, JordanUniversity of Bristol
Natalia, JurgaUniversity of Surrey
Antti, KaenmakiUniversity of Jyväskylä
Nyima, KaoUniversity of Notre Dame
Tom, KemptonUniversity of Manchester
George, KenisonUniversity of Bristol
Maxim, KirsebomUniversity of Hamburg
Derong, KongLeiden University
Dominik, KwietniakJagiellonian University in Krakow
Lawrence, LeeUniversity of St Andrews
Seonhee, LimSeoul National University
Yuri, LimaUniversidade Federal do Ceara
Jun, LuoChongqing University
Marta, MaggioniUniversity of Leiden
Jezequel, MaloEcole normale superieure de Paris
Barinder, MatharuUniversity of Warwick
Ian, MelbourneUniversity of Warwick
Sara, MundayUniversity of Pisa
Kiho, ParkThe University of Chicago
Felipe Perez, PereiraUniversity of Bristol
Yakov, PesinPennsylvania State University
Mark, PirainoUniversity of Victoria
Mark, PollicottUniversity of Warwick
Felipe, RiquelmePontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso
Omri, SarigWeizmann Institute of Science
Barbara, SchapiraIRMAR
Richard, SharpUniversity of Warwick
Karoly, SimonBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Dalia, TerhesiuUniversity of Exeter
Daniel, ThompsonThe Ohio State University
Klaus, ThomsenAarhus university
Mike, ToddUniversity of St Andrews
Charles, WalkdenUniversity of Manchester
Mike, WhittakerUniversity of Glasgow
Yuki, YayamaUniversidad del Bio-Bio
Han, YuUniversity of St Andrews