Symplectic Geometry and Topology

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Symplectic Geometry and Topology

 25 - 29 Jul 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Jarek Kedra, University of Aberdeen & University of Szczecin

  • Andrew Ranicki, University of Edinburgh

  • Felix Schlenk, Université de Neuchâtel

Symplectic topology is a rapidly developing branch of mathematics, which originated as a geometric tool for understanding qualitative problems of classical mechanics and geometric optics. Symplectic manifolds represent the phase spaces of mechanical systems, and their morphisms play the role of admissible motions. Gromov understood that holomorphic curves can be used to study symplectic manifolds and Hamiltonian systems. The conference was held in honour of Dusa McDuff's 70th birthday.

Symplectic topology has become so vast a field that this workshop focused on holomorphic curves, groups of symplectic diffeomorphisms, symplectic packings and symplectic structures.

Photographs are available to download here.


  • Sheel Ganatra, Stanford University - Automatically Generating Fukaya Categories

  • Strom Borman, Stanford University - Quantum Cohomology via Symplectic Cohomology

  • Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner, Harvard University - Symplectic Embeddings of Products

  • Basak Gurel, University of Central Florida - Non-Contractible Periodic Orbits in Hamiltonian Dynamics on Closed Symplectic Manifolds

  • Richard Hind, University of Notre Dame - Embeddings of Lagrangian Tori

  • Viktor Ginzburg, University of California - Lusternik-Schnirelmann Theory and Closed Reeb Orbits

  • Mark McLean, Stony Brook University - The Cohomological McKay Correspondence and Symplectic Cohomology

  • Miguel Abreu, Instituto Superior Técnico - On the Mean Euler Characteristic of Toric Contact Manifolds

  • Ely Kerman, University of Illinois - Hamiltonian Floer Theory and a Theorem of Ekeland and Lasry

  • Renato Vianna, University of Cambridge - Infinitely Many Monotone Lagrangian on Del Pezzo Surfaces

  • Vinicius Gripp Ramos, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada - Embeddings of the Lagragian Bidisk

  • Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, University of Cambridge - Classification Results for Two-Dimensional Lagrangian Tori

  • Susan Tolman - University of Illinois - Non-Hamiltonian Symplectic Circle Actions with Isolated Fixed Points

  • Joanna Nelson, IAS and Columbia University - An Integral Lift of Cylindrical Contact Homology

  • Sheila Sandon, IRMA - Floer Homology for Translated Points

  • Ivan Smith, University of Cambridge - Whitney Sphere Links

  • Eleny Ionel, Stanford University - The Gopakumar-Vafa Conjecture for Symplectic Manifolds

  • Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University - Lagrangian Surgery and Higher Flux

  • Lev Buhovski, Tel Aviv University - C^0 Hamiltonian Dynamics and the Arnold Conjecture

  • Yael Karshon, University of Toronto - The Morse-Bott-Kirwan Condition is Local

  • Nena Roettgen, University of Münster - Reeb Traps and Hamiltonian Plugs Abstract

  • Michael Atiyah, University of Edinburgh - The Non-Existent Complex 6-Sphere

  • Weiyi Zhang, University of Warwick - J-Holomorphic Subvarieties

  • Kai Zehmisch, University of Münster - Diffeomorphism Type of Symplectically Aspherical Fillings

  • Jonny Evans, University College London - Symplectic Embeddings and Markov Numbers

  • Kei Irie, RIMS - A C^∞ Closing Lemma for Three-Dimensional Reeb Flows via ECH


Mohammed, AbouzaidColumbia University
Miguel, AbreuInstituto Superior Técnico
Silvia, AnjosInstituto Superior Técnico
Sir Michael, AtiyahUniversity of Edinburgh
Strom, BormanStanford University
Lev, BuhovskiTel Aviv University
Olga, BuseIndiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Dan, Cristofaro-GardinerHarvard University
Lucas, DahindenUniversity of Neuchatel
Georgios, Dimitroglou RizellUniversity of Cambridge
Yasha, EliashbergStanford University
Jacqui, EspinaUniversity College London
Jonny, EvansUniversity College London
Urs, FrauenfelderAugsburg University
Swiatoslaw, GalUniwersytet Wrocławski
Sheel, GanatraStanford University
Viktor, GinzburgUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Vinicius, Gripp RamosInstituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada
Basak, GurelUniversity of Central Florida
Carsten, HaugUniversity of Neuchatel
Felix, HenselETH Zürich
Richard, HindUniversity of Notre Dame
Michael, HutchingsUniversity of California at Berkeley
Eleny, IonelStanford University
Kei, IrieRIMS, Kyoto University
Dogancan, KarabasKing's College London
Yael, KarshonUniversity of Toronto
Ailsa, KeatingColumbia University & University of Cambridge
Jarek, KedraUniversity of Aberdeen & University of Szczecin
Ely, KermanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Emily, MawUniversity College London
Dusa, McDuffBarnard College, Columbia University
Mark, McLeanStony Brook University
John, MilnorStony Brook University
Klaus, MohnkeHumboldt-Universität
Joanna, NelsonIAS and Columbia University
John, PardonStanford University
Andrew, RanickiUniversity of Edinburgh
Nena, RoettgenUniversity of Munster
Sheila, SandonIRMA - Université de Strasbourg
Yasha, SavelyevUniversity of Colima
Felix, SchlenkUniversité de Neuchâtel
Felix, SchmäschkeMPI Leipzig
Ismael, Sierra del RioUniversity of Cambridge
Berit, SingerETH Zurich
Jack, SmithUniversity of Cambridge
Ivan, SmithUniversity of Cambridge
Susan, TolmanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dmitry, TonkonogUniversity of Cambridge
Samuel, TrautweinETH Zürich
Anne, VaugonUniversite Paris Sud
Renato, ViannaUniversity of Cambridge
Kai, ZehmischUniversity of Münster
Weiyi, ZhangUniversity of Warwick
Lei, ZhaoNankai University/Universität Augsburg