Statistical and Computational Methods for Relatedness and Relationship Inference from Genetic Marker Data

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Statistical and Computational Methods for Relatedness and Relationship Inference from Genetic Marker Data

 22 - 26 Sep 2014
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • James Cussens, University of York

  • Nuala Sheehan, University of Leicester 

This workshop brought together a range of experts to discuss various approaches of tackling problems of relatedness and relationship estimation and to form collaborative links. The workshop also provided an opportunity for young researchers to become acquainted with the main research issues and make cross-disciplinary contacts with the leading experts.


  • Eric Anderson, NOAA - A Pseudo-Gibbs Sampler for Computationally Efficient Pedigree Inference from SNPs in Molecular Ecology Applications

  • Anthony Almudevar, University of Rochester - An Information Theoretic Approach to Pedigree Reconstruction

  • Klaas Slooten, Netherlands Forensic Institute - Forensic DNA Mixtures: Donors and Relatives 

  • Pirmin Nietlisbach, University of Zurich - Heritability of Heterozygosity Revealed by a Multi-Generation Pedigree and Microsatellite Genotypes of a Wild Bird Population

  • Bruce Weir, University of Washington - Characterising Population Structure with F-Statistics: Relatedness on an Evolutionary Time Scale

  • Jinliang Wang, Institute of Zoology - Pedigrees or Markers 

  • David Balding, University College London - Kinship in the Era of Genome-Wide Sequencing

  • Anne-Louise Leutenegger, INSERM - Genetic Relatedness Inference and Disease Gene Mapping

  • Mark Bartlett, University of York - Pedigree Reconstruction Using Integer Linear Programming 

  • Gregory Nuel, CNRS and Sorbonne Universities - Stratification of Founders in Large Pedigrees

  • Stefanie Muff, University of Zurich - On the Importance of Uncertainty Quantification of Relatedness and Relationship Estimates

  • Marco Bink, Wageningen UR - The Use of Genome-Wide and Locus-Specific Relatedness in QTL Mapping and Association Studies in Plants

  • Andrés Legarra, INRA - A Relationship Matrix Combining Pedigree and Markers When Some Individuals are not Genotyped

  • Manuel García Magariños, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela & Norwegian University of Life Sciences - Hypothesis Testing of Family Relationships Using Identity-By-Descent (IBD) Parameters

  • Bill Hill, University of Edinburgh - Utilising Variation in Realised Relationship

  • Emmanuelle Génin, INSERM - Genetic Relatedness Inference and Fine-Scale Stratification Between and Within French Regions 

  • George Davey Smith, University of Bristol - ALSPAC – From a Birth Cohort to a Multi-Generational Study

  • David Porteous, University of Edinburgh - Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Study

  • Susan Wallace, University of Leicester - Relatedness and Pedigree Reconstruction

  • Carmen Amador, MRC IGMM - Recent Genomic Heritage in Today’s Scotland


Anthony, AlmudevarUniversity of Rochester
Carmen, AmadorMRC IGMM
Eric, AndersonNOAA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center & University of California, Santa Cruz
David, BaldingUniversity College London
Mark, BartlettUniversity of York
Mark, BeaumontUniversity of Bristol
Marco, BinkWageningen UR
Robert, CowellCity University London
James, CussensUniversity of York
George, Davey SmithUniversity of Bristol
Alexander, DuthieUniversity of Aberdeen
Thore, EgelandNorwegian University of Life Sciences
Jesús, FernándezInstituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria
Manuel, García-MagariñosUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela & Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Emmanuelle, GéninINSERM, Brest
Jarrod, HadfieldUniversity of Edinburgh
Bill, HillUniversity of Edinburgh
Jisca, HuismanInstiture for Evolutionary Biology
Lukas, KellerUniversity of Zurich
Maarten, KruijverVU University Amsterdam
Andrés, LegarraINRA
Anne-Louise, LeuteneggerINSERM, Paris
Stefanie, MuffUniversity of Zurich
Pirmin, NietlisbachUniversity of Zurich
Gregory, NuelCNRS and Sorbonne Universities
Itsik, Pe'erColumbia University
David, PorteousUniversity of Edinburgh
John Michael, RanolaUniversity of Washington
Jane, ReidUniversity of Aberdeen
Marco, ScutariUniversity of Oxford
Nuala, SheehanUniversity of Leicester
Klaas, SlootenNetherlands Forensic Institute
Jim, SmithUniversity of Warwick
Milan, StudenýAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Meng, SunUniversity of Leicester
Magnus Dehli, VigelandUniversity of Oslo
Susan, WallaceUniversity of Leicester
Jinliang, WangInstitute of Zoology
Bruce, WeirUniversity of Washington
Xiuwen, ZhengUniversity of Washington at Seattle