Modelling Camp 2016

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Modelling Camp 2016

 21 - 24 Mar 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

This Modelling Camp had three main aims:

  1. To train students and early career mathematical science researchers to engage in study groups and similar activities

  2. To offer broader skills training - team-working, coping outside of one's comfort zone, introduction to modelling methodology, report writing, and enhancing communication/presentation skills

  3. To learn how different branches of mathematics can be applied in various industrial settings

The organisers gratefully acknowledge the financial contribution from MI-NET. MI-NET is funded by COST through the EU Framework Programme Horizon 202


Jamie, BennettMIGSAA
David, CheekMIGSAA
Kelvin Ka Wing, CheungMIGSAA
Andrew, CroudaceUniversity of Strathclyde
Henry-Louis, de KergorlayUniversity of Edinburgh
Paul, DobsonMIGSAA
Mariia, DvoriashynaUniversity of Genoa
Gissell, EstradaMIGSAA
Timothy, HurstMIGSAA
Hassan, IbrahimFederal University Lafia, Lafia.
Ahmed, IsmaeelUniversity of Glasgow
Dimitris, KamilisUniversity of Edinburgh
Dyer, LukeMIGSAA (University of Edinburgh)
Georgia, LynottUniversity of Manchester
Amy, MallinsonUniversity of Manchester
Anton, MartinssonMIGSAA
John, McGowanUniversity of Strathclyde
Ainsley, MillerUniversity of Strathclyde
Eleni, MorakiMIGSAA (Heriot-Watt University and University of Edinburgh)
Razvan, MosincatUniversity of Edinburgh
Matthew, NethercoteUniversity of Manchester
Aleksandra, PlochockaMIGSAA
Jenovah, RodriguesUoE
Miles, SavvaMIGSAA
Serveh, Sharifi FarUniversity of St Andrews
Greig, SmithUoE
Eleanor, TannerMIGSAA/Heriot-Watt
Riste, TimovskiGoce Delcev University
Alvin, TseUniversity of Edinburgh
Antonios, VerverisMIGSAA
hongrui, wangDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde
Ni, WeihongUniversity of Liverpool
Zoe, WyattMIGSAA