Mixture Estimation and Applications

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Mixture Estimation and Applications

 03 - 05 Mar 2010
 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Kerrie Mengersen, Queensland University of Technology

  • Christian Robert, Université Paris-Dauphine & University of Warwick

  • Mike Titterington, University of Glasgow

Statistical mixture distributions are used to model scenarios in which certain variables are measured but a categorical variable is missing. For example, although clinical data on a patient may be available their disease category may not be, and this adds significant degrees of complication to the statistical analysis. The above situation characterises the simplest mixture-type scenario; variations include, among others, hidden Markov models, in which the missing variable follows a Markov chain model, and latent structure models, in which the missing variable or variables represent model-enriching devices rather than real physical entities.


  • John Geweke, University of Technology - Interpretation and Inference in Mixture Models 

  • Sylvia Fruehwirth-Schnatter, Johannes Kepler University Linz - Dealing with Label Switching Under Model Uncertainty 

  • Murray Aitkin, University of Melbourne - How Many Normal Components in the Galaxy Velocity Data? Posterior Deviance  Distributions for the Number of Components, and their Interpretation 

  • Geoff McLachlan, University of Queensland - The Modelling of High-Dimensional Data via Normal Mixture Models 

  • Jiahua Chen, University of British Columbia - Testing the Order of Finite Mixture Models by EM-Test  

  • Michael Newton, University of Wisconsin - Gamma-Based Clustering via Ordered Means with Application to Gene-Expression Analysis

  • Kerrie Mengersen, Queensland University of Technology - Where Are They and What Do They Look Like?  Discovering Patterns in Data Using Statistical Mixture Models

  • Bruce Lindsay, Pennsylvania State University - Mixture Related Analysis in Many Dimensions 

  • Michael Jordan, University of California - Completely Random Measures, Hierarchy and Nesting in Bayesian Nonparametrics

  • Yee Whye Teh, University College London - On Hierarchical Clustering, Partitions and Mixture Models

  • Iain Murray, University of Toronto & University of Edinburgh - Sampling Latent Variable Models

  • Katherine Heller, University of Cambridge - The IBP Compound Dirichlet Process and its Application to Focused Topic Modelling

  • Chris Williams, University of Edinburgh - Greedy Learning of Binary Latent Trees

  • Mark Girolami, University of Glasgow - Inferring Spectral Mixture Components in Multiplexed Surface Enhanced Raman Resonance Spectroscopy 

  • Christophe Andrieu, University of Bristol - Exact Approximations of MCMC Algorithms

  • Paul Fearnhead, Lancaster University - Sequential Monte Carlo Methods and Perfect Sampling for Mixture Models

  • Michael Jordan, University of California - Applied Bayesian Nonparametrics 

  • Clare Alston, Queensland University of Technology - Bayesian Mixture Models: a Blood Free Dissection of a Sheep

  • Olivier Cappé, Telecom ParisTech & CNRS - Online EM Algorithms for Mixtures, HMMs and Beyond 

  • Brendan Murphy, University College Dublin - A Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Network Data

  • Robert Kohn, University of New South Wales - Bayesian Mixtures of Autoregressive Models  

  • Richard Gerlach, University of Sydney - Smooth Transition Mixture GARCH Models for Forecasting Risk Measures in Financial Markets  

  • Kim-Anh Do, University of Texas  - Bayesian Mixture Modelling with Applications to Translational Cancer Research 

  • Peter Müller, University of Texas - Bayesian Semiparametric Mixture Models with Covariate-Dependent Weights 

  • Chris Holmes, University of Oxford - Investigations in Variable Selection for Bayesian Mixture Models  


Funded by the EPSRC, the LMS, the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust and the Royal Statistical Society.


Murray, AitkinUniversity of Melbourne
Marco, Alfó"Sapienza" Universita' di Roma
Clair, AlstonQueensland University of Technology
Christoforos, AnagnostopoulosThe Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Imperial College London
Karim, Anaya-IzquierdoThe Open University
Christophe, AndrieuUniversity of Bristol
Cedric, ArchambeauXerox Research Centre Europe
Eleni, BakraMRC Biostatistics Unit
Tatiana, BenagliaMRC Biostatistics Unit
Natalia, BochkinaUniversity of Edinburgh
Dankmar, BöhningUniversity of Reading
Olivier, CappéTelecom ParisTech & CNRS
Gilles, CeleuxINRIA
Jiahua, ChenUniversity of British Columbia
Nicolas, ChopinENSAE-CREST
Daniel, ClarkHeriot-Watt University
Frank, CritchleyThe Open University
Nema, DeanUniversity of Glasgow
Kim-Anh, DoUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Seyed Mohammadali, EslamiUniversity of Edinburgh
Paul, FearnheadLancaster University
Maurizio, FilipponeUniversity of Glasgow
Florence, ForbesINRIA
Sylvia, Frühwirth-SchnatterJohannes Kepler University Linz
Richard, GerlachUniversity of Sydney
John, GewekeUniversity of Technology Sydney
Mark, GirolamiUniversity of Warwick
Claire, GormleyUniversity College Dublin
Peter, GreenUniversity of Bristol
Katherine, HellerUniversity of Cambridge
John, HindeNational University of Ireland Galway
Chris, HolmesUniversity of Oxford
Merrilee, HurnUniversity of Bath
Michael, JordanUniversity of California, Berkeley
Alfons, JuanUniversitat Politècnica de València
Jyri, KivinenUniversity of Edinburgh
Robert, KohnUniversity of New South Wales
Diana, KornbrotUniversity of Hertfordshire
Bruce, LindsayPennsylvania State University
Catherine, MatiasCNRS Laboratoire Statistique et Génome
Geoff, McLachlanUniversity of Queensland
Damien, McParlandUniversity College Dublin
Kerrie, MengersenQueensland University of Technology
Peter, MüllerUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Graciela, Muniz TerreraMRC Biostatistics Unit
Brendan, MurphyUniversity College Dublin
Iain, MurrayUniversity of Edinburgh
Michael, NewtonUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Agostino, NobileUniversity of Glasgow
Peter, OrbanzUniversity of Cambridge
Surajit, RayUniversity of Glasgow
Christian, RobertUniversité Paris-Dauphine & University of Warwick
Rich, SavageUniversity of Warwick
Krunoslav, SeverHelmut-Schmidt Universität Hamburg
Jian Qing, ShiNewcastle University
Nicolas, StädlerSeminar für Statistik, ETH Zürich
Vassilios, StathopoulosUniversity College London
Amos, StorkeyUniversity of Edinburgh
Charles, SuttonUniversity of Edinburgh
Yee Whye, TehUniversity of Oxford
Mike, TitteringtonUniversity of Glasgow
Ben, TorsneyUniversity of Glasgow
Kristel, Van SteenUniversity of Liege
Robert M, WestUniversity of Leeds
Nick, WhiteleyUniversity of Bristol
Chris, WilliamsUniversity of Edinburgh
Bruce, WortonUniversity of Edinburgh
Darren, WraithINRIA
Christopher, YauUniversity of Oxford