Metamaterials Beyond Photonics

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Metamaterials Beyond Photonics

 20 - 24 Jun 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • William Parnell, University of Manchester

  • Ian Thompson, University of Liverpool

A metamaterial is a synthetic inhomogeneous material with wave bearing properties that differ significantly from those exhibited by homogeneous media, due to its complex microstructure. The idea of being inhomogeneous materials to control and guide wave propagation is well established: for example the optical fibres used in the telecommunications industry are typically constructed by placing a cladding around a core with a higher dielectric constant. The aim of this meeting was to keep the UK at the forefront of developments in this field and to enable young researchers to meet established international experts. The workshop brought together mathematicians, physicists and engineers to exchange ideas and approaches about metamaterials. 


  • Ping Sheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Absorption of Sound Using Subwavelength Structures

  • Olga Umnova, University of Salford - Absorption of Low-Frequency Sound by a Resonant Metasurface 

  • Olivier Poncelet, University of Bordeaux - Mie-Type Locally Resonant Random Metamaterials Through a Microfluidic, Bottom-Up Approach

  • Jean-Philippe Groby, L'Université du Maine - Perfect Sub-Wavelength Absorption in Reflection and Transmission Problems

  • Mahmoud Hussein, University of Colorado - Nanophononic Metamaterial

  • Hugh Hopper, Dyson - Acoustic metamaterials at Dyson

  • William Rowley, University of Manchester - Theoretical Design of an Acoustic Beam Shifter in Air

  • Vincent Pagneux, Université du Maine - PT Symmetric Scattering in Flow Duct Acoustics

  • Michael Haberman, University of Texas - Physical Origins of Willis Coupling in Acoustic Metamaterials

  • Daniel Torrent, University of Bordeaux - Resonant and Nonlocal Properties of Metamaterials

  • William Parnell, University of Manchester - Wave Speed Invariance to Tension – Stretching the Truth?

  • Alexander Movchan, University of Liverpool - Flexural Waves in Structured Plates 

  • Ying Wu, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - Effective Medium Theory for Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials

  • Phil Cotterill, Thales UK - Acoustic Material Technologies in Sonar Applications

  • Bruce Drinkwater, University of Bristol - Building Acoustic Landscapes with Meta-Bricks

  • Agnès Maurel, Institut Langevin - Homogenization of Thin Interfaces, Effective Jump Conditions

  • Ian Thompson, University of Liverpool - Scattering by Objects in Close Proximity

  • Steve Cummer, Duke University - Applied Acoustic Metamaterials 

  • Roy Sambles, University of Exeter - Acoustic Metasurfaces

  • Anne-Christine Hladky, IEMN - Tunable Bragg Band Gaps in Phononic Crystals 

  • Ellis Barnwell, University of Manchester - Elastic Wave Propagation in Pre-Stressed Periodic Structures; Tuning, Band-Gap Switching and Invariance

  • Mihai Caleap, University of Bristol - Engineering Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Colloidal Meta-Systems with Tuneable Anisotropy

  • Ross McPhedran, University of Sydney - Controlling Waves: 500 Million Years Ago to Tomorrow

  • John Pendry, Imperial College London - Controlling Nanoscale Light

  • Stewart Haslinger, University of Liverpool - Controlling Flexural Waves with Structured Kirchhoff-Love Plates

  • Richard Craster, Imperial College London - Modelling of Waves Through Structured Media Primarily in Elasticity

  • Domenico Tallarico, University of Liverpool - An Elastic Lattice Containing Tilted Resonators

  • Giorgio Carta, John Moores University - Multi-Scale High-Contrast Resonators for the Reduction of Earthquake-Induced Vibrations of Fluid-Solid Systems

  • Natalia Movchan, University of Liverpool - Structured Waveguides: Controlling Vibrations of Elongated Systems

  • Michael Smith, University of Sydney - Where Acoustics and Optics Meet: Metamaterial Acousto-Optics

  • Steven Johnson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Limits (or Targets) of Metamaterials: Bounds on Light-Matter Interactions 

  • Pu Zhang, University of Manchester - Soft Phononic Crystals with Deformation-Independent Band Gaps

  • Davide Bigoni, Universita di Trento - Experiments on the Dynamics of Self-Oscillating Elastic Structures

  • Ben Maling, Imperial College London - Whispering Bloch Modes

  • Graeme Milton, University of Utah - On the Elasticity Tensors of 2D and 3D Printed Materials

  • John Smith, DSTL - Defence and Security Research Drivers for Advanced Materials

  • Richard Craster, Imperial College London - From Models of Platonics to Seismic Metamaterials

  • Daniel Colquitt, University of Liverpool - The Foundations of Seismic Metamaterials

  • Ozgur Selsil, University of Liverpool - Active Cloaking of Finite Clusters in a Kirchhoff Plate


I David, AbrahamsIsaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Ellis, BarnwellUniversity of Manchester
Davide, BigoniUniversità di Trento
Rachel, BroughamUniversity of Liverpool
Leighton, BrownThalesgroup
Mihai, CaleapUniversity of Bristol
Giorgio, CartaLiverpool John Moores University
Daniel, ColquittUniversity of Liverpool
Shane, CooperUniversity of Bath
Phil, CotterillThales UK (MMS)
Richard, CrasterImperial College London
Steve, CummerDuke University
Bruce, DrinkwaterUniversity of Bristol
Jean-Philippe, GrobyLaboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Maine
Michael, HabermanUniversity of Texas at Austin
Stewart, HaslingerUniversity of Liverpool
Anne-Christine, HladkyIEMN
Hugh, HopperDyson
Mahmoud, HusseinUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Steven, JohnsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Nicole, KessissoglouUNSW Australia
Ben, MalingImperial College
Agnès, MaurelInstitut Langevin
Ross, McPhedranUniversity of Sydney
Graeme, MiltonUniversity of Utah
Alexander, MovchanUniversity of Liverpool
Natalia, MovchanUniversity of Liverpool
Andrew, NorrisRutgers University
Vincent, PagneuxUniversité du Maine
William, ParnellUniversity of Manchester
Sir John, PendryImperial College London
Olivier, PonceletUniversity of Bordeaux
Richard, PorterUniversity of Bristol
William, RowleyUniversity of Manchester
Roy, SamblesUniversity of Exeter
Ozgur, SelsilUniversity of Liverpool
Ping, ShengHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Michael, SmithUniversity of Sydney
John, SmithDSTL
Domenico, TallaricoUniversity of Liverpool
Ian, ThompsonUniversity of Liverpool
Daniel, TorrentUniversity of Bordeaux
Olga, UmnovaUniversity of Salford
Ying, WuKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Pu, ZhangUniversity of Manchester